Category: Davis Lake

Flu Shot = Q Shot

YHC got the flu shot yesterday and was not feeling 100% this morning. Thanks for bearing with me gents. I will definitely make my next one better. Warmarama Mosey to Bricks Gorilla Complex: 8 Curls 8 OH Press 8 Skullcrushers 8 Bent Over Rows 8 Block Merkins Run out to 2nd island and back Repeato […]

Tire Fun

4 pax showed up for the breaking in of the new large truck tires. We flipped, carried, dead lifted and pounded on with a heavy axe while alternating kettlebell curls and merkins. Prayers for Blip and his wife for jobs, YHC personal stress over teaching online at a new school and the country in general […]

4 Square

7 Lakers played 4 Square. Mosey around clubhouse 15 Side Straddle Hops 10 Mercans IC 5 Burpees 15 IST 10 Wide grip Mercans 15 Cotton Pickers 15 Mountain Climbers 15 Windmills 5 Burpees 20 Apollo Onos 20 LBCs 15 Plank Jacks Four Square (3 games) Cinder block chest presses – lunge walk to next square […]

Tennis Court Tabata

5 Lakers posted for tennis court tabata. Warm-up High knees, Butt kicks, Side shuffle step x 2 Side straddle hop, Toy soldier, Windmill and Mercans I/C The Thang Mosey onto the tennis courts Set of exercises followed by a sprint to baseline/side. Sprint side, job baseline: 4 minutes 10 Jump squats, sprint, repeat: 4 minutes […]


7 PAX joined YHC for week 5 of the Iron Pax Challenge. Wait…there are only 4 weeks? Oops. So, I thought I would bring the famed Sharknado to the Lake. Sharks like water, right? We don’t have enough room to make a circle, so it was more of a line than a ‘nado. Blip led […]

1 Year of the Stiffmeister

8 PAX joined YHC in the gloom for my 1 year F3versary. Warmarama SSH Abe Vigoda Penny Pickers Down Dog Mosey between each landmark Monkey Humper Island: 15 Monkey Humpers Gazebo: 20 MCs Playground: 20 Ws Dumpster: 20 Jump Squats Shovel Flag: 20 Dry Docks Monkey Humper Island: 15 Monkey Humpers Gazebo: 10 Derkins 10 […]


Murder bunnies are terrible.The end. 1 round for time Always return to Shovel Flag w/ block after each 10 Burpee Block Jump Overs (BBJO) Murder Bunny 25yds 25 Squat Press 10 Burpee Block Jump Overs (BBJO) Murder Bunny 50yds 50 Alternating block merkins 10 Burpee Block Jump Overs (BBJO) Murder Bunny 75yds 75 Curl Presses […]

Nature Wins

While this day was meant to be a glorious celebration of all things The Blip, Mother Nature had other ideas (bitch). The lightest of rains is all that it took to keep PAX confined to their homes. This left Stash as the only victim of The Blip’s birthday beatdown affectionately titled Merkin Madness. Slaughter Starter […]