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You can’t handle the truth!

YHC was honored when asked to guest Q at Comanche on a Red Shirt Friday (honoring a fallen soldier). The fallen soldier chosen is Army 1st Lt. Ryan D. Rawl. While in Charlotte for training I was blessed to make a connection with Chris Meetze. He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army. […]

Brick-o-Lug + Sharknado = BRICKNADO!

The Slack machine was rolling yesterday with all kinds of chatter. As usual, @MrMcFeely was leading the charge in that department… #Kotters were called out on Slack to show, a six-mile pre-run from Tradition was discussed/discouraged considering there are no sidewalks about half the way, and a pre-run at the AO was organized by @AstroVan. […]

Old Glory @ Comanche Honoring USMC Lance Corporal Nicholas O’Brien #RED Friday

MeCa’s traveling version of REDFriday made it’s first stop at it’s newest AO this morning and hopefully the beatdown didn’t disappoint. 16 wild horse riders, including visitors from Mint Hill, Highlands, Tradition, and Rolling Stone. Thanks for joining us @Rib Shack, @Othello, @Pongo, @Pavarotti, @Drop Cloth, and @Heat Stroke! Form some including YHC, the week […]