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F3 MeCa | May 20, 2019

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Mint Hill

Farmwood, Morris Farms, Bain, Clear Creek, Truelight Church, Wilgrove, Fairview, Goose Creek, Flowes Store, Midland, North Stallings, Stevens Mill, and other area neighborhoods in and around Mint Hill, NC

Who’s the Q today? ME??!!

April 22, 2019 |

Seven Pax awoke from their slumber to attend a Hugo-led BD on this glorious Monday.  The only problem was that Hugo totally forgot he was Qing today!  Too busy packing for his big move this Easter weekend had white-washed his … Read More

Caged Leg Day and Taxes

April 15, 2019 |

The Story

The scheduled Q, Convoy, has been under a lot of pressure establishing and maintaining a trucking business. So he messages YHC to let me know that he wont be able to post and lead the pax in the … Read More

Tardy Penalties, Starfish, and Walls

April 10, 2019 |

6 men showed up to see what the Gloom had to offer.  One problem.  No Q.  Where’s the Q? Apparently YHC got caught up in work emails and lost track of time.  Thank you Hugo for getting us started.  YHC … Read More

Turn right – no turn left!

April 9, 2019 |

This morning four pax rolled out of bed and came out to log some miles. The mood was a little mixed as greetings were passed and it was 2 in favor of the 63 degree 100% humidity and 2 “not … Read More

Hot and Fresh Morning

April 9, 2019 |

Five Pax from Boondocks enjoyed a nice dry morning as the rain stopped which provided a hot and fresh beatdown at Boondocks – The Village. YHC planted the flag at 5:25 AM and we welcomed back Brutus from his sick … Read More

Driving the Pile

April 8, 2019 |

8 of us gathered on a STEAMY Monday to get better at life in general.


We departed the flag area and moseyed for a half lap around the track and circled up next to the concession stand.  Speaking of … Read More

Chains O’ Pain at PileDriver

April 6, 2019 |

Another beautiful gloom and big sky moon at Mint Hill.  Let’s roll…

The beat-down:

0530 Warm up mosey around parking lot mixing in backwards run.  

0533 Gather by the Korean war memorial and break out some bear crawls into the … Read More

Lesson in Pain — Delivered!

April 3, 2019 |

Twelve Pax students at the Pain Academy were delivered a lesson from YHC as a guest Q while enjoying dry and comfortable temps without any snow! We started with 11 and then Man Bun rolled in for a total of … Read More

Chasing That Blinking Light

March 26, 2019 |

One by one the Pax shows till we have 4 for the first half of the run. Today was a special day, a very special day because we had a special guest, “Chum”. Yes! and little did we know the … Read More

Another fun beatdown at the Village

March 26, 2019 |

Three Pax from Boondocks enjoyed some dry weather and comfortable temperature for a challenging beatdown at Boondocks – The Village. YHC planted the flag at 5:25 AM and we welcomed back Brutus from his sick bed. Slow mosey around the … Read More