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F3 MeCa | May 5, 2021

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Davis Lake

Uncomfortable Yoga Leader

October 8, 2020 |

4 Lakers posted for Broga.  YHC hit his calf running Tuesday night, so we stretched it out Thursday morning.  While the workout Q was King Julian, the yoga was “led” by a guy on Youtube who made all of us … Read More

Tennis Court Tabata

October 1, 2020 |

5 Lakers posted for tennis court tabata.


  • High knees, Butt kicks, Side shuffle step x 2
  • Side straddle hop, Toy soldier, Windmill and Mercans I/C

The Thang

Mosey onto the tennis courts

Set of exercises followed by … Read More


September 29, 2020 |

7 PAX joined YHC for week 5 of the Iron Pax Challenge. Wait…there are only 4 weeks? Oops.

So, I thought I would bring the famed Sharknado to the Lake. Sharks like water, right? We don’t have enough room to … Read More

1 Year of the Stiffmeister

September 26, 2020 |

8 PAX joined YHC in the gloom for my 1 year F3versary.



Abe Vigoda

Penny Pickers

Down Dog

Mosey between each landmark

Monkey Humper Island: 15 Monkey Humpers

Gazebo: 20 … Read More


September 22, 2020 |

Murder bunnies are terrible.The end.

1 round for time Always return to Shovel Flag w/ block after each 10 Burpee Block Jump Overs (BBJO) Murder Bunny 25yds 25 Squat Press 10 Burpee Block Jump Overs (BBJO) Murder Bunny 50yds 50 … Read More

Nature Wins

September 17, 2020 |

While this day was meant to be a glorious celebration of all things The Blip, Mother Nature had other ideas (bitch). The lightest of rains is all that it took to keep PAX confined to their homes. This left Stash … Read More

Creating HIM, 300 Merkins at a Time

September 15, 2020 |

YHC posted the weinke to Slack for week 3 of the IPC with the caveat that it will suck but we will get better. Doing hard things makes you stronger physically AND mentally. I also felt the need to remind … Read More

Davis Lake Takes the Lake

September 12, 2020 |

5 pax showed up for a beatdown and to take on Davis Lake itself. Blow out correctly guessed what the promised “unique and challenging” item was by seeing YHC’s wifes kayak in the back of his truck nearly ruining the … Read More

IronPax Week 2 Davis Lake

September 9, 2020 |

Complete a 400m (1 lap or run to VB court and back) 10 Squat Press at the Shovel Flag after 400m run and between each station **Always Zamperini block to and from station** Station 1: 25 Decline Merkins Station 2: … Read More

Saturday Murph

September 6, 2020 |

4 showed up for a surprise Murph Beatdown in the first morning of very low humidity


SSH x 20 IC

Windmill x 15 IC

mosey to entrance of DL for IST x 15 IC

mosey to each street to … Read More