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F3 MeCa | May 25, 2018

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Davis Lake

Flip’n Tire Relays O Pain

May 22, 2018 |

2.2 mile Pre Run today by Hot Wheels, with special gusts appearances by Dingo, his Puppy, The Closer and 4 Tradition PAX on the move.  Great Temps, flat run good speeds a great run by all.  Missing are the Precint’rs … Read More

Knockout in Round 3

May 22, 2018 |

6 PAX posted this morning for what turned out to be a substitute Q by YHC.  After a blistering pre-run with 2Step we received a text from the scheduled Q that he wasn’t going to make the bootcamp this morning. … Read More

Over and Up the Hill

May 17, 2018 |

Two pax embarked on @ligers Birthday Beatdown Warmarama 15 Side Saddle Hop 15 Imperial Storm Troopers 15 Cotton Pickers 15 Windmill Mosey to end of the parking lot.  10 Burpos.  ( A burpee starting in the squat position) Mosey to … Read More

Bringing a tradition to Tradition

May 17, 2018 |

6 PAX showed up to see what this guest Q had in store on a Thursday morning. YHC wasn’t sure if there were any pre-runners at Tradition so I showed up at 0500 to find out.  After a couple of … Read More

Pre-Blast – F3 Dads Mineshaft

May 16, 2018 |

You are cordially invited to F3 Dads, The Mineshaft Style!

When – 5/19, 9am – 10am Where – UNCC Lot 7, 8907 UNIVERSITY RD, Charlotte NC 28223 What – Kid friendly, Dad unfriendly-ish workout with refreshments to follow Why – … Read More

Pre-blast: King Tiger 5k & Speed for Need June 2, 2018

May 16, 2018 | | 2 Comments

Mark your calendars for June 2, as F3 MECA hosts our second Speed for Need event of the year at the King Tiger 5k. Launching from Run For Your Life in University City, the race benefits the University City YMCA’s … Read More

Jelly Arms

May 15, 2018 |

6 Lakers and 2 brothers from Tradition posted this morning.  3 men pre-ran.

  • 15 Side Straddle Hops
  • 10 Mercans IC
  • 5 Burpees
  • 15 IST
  • 15 Cotton Pickers
  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • 15 Windmills
  • Plank
  • Decline Mercans, Incline Dips 10 reps, … Read More

Beautiful morning for some PAIN

May 12, 2018 |

13 PAX, including one FNG, were on tap for another painorama from YHC.  The challange was posted to Slack last night to get back to double digits at the AO.  When launch time came we had 8 PAX already started … Read More

KT5K Trial and Ridge Loop

May 12, 2018 |

A total of 4 PAX posted today for The Valley Cruise.  YHC asked, on Slack, if anyone was interested in a double down and Softwood took the bate for a 5am start.  YHC was pleasantly surprised to find Gordo in … Read More

HOT Yoga…

May 11, 2018 |

Five men gathered this morning for 45 minutes of stretching including downward dog, planks, warriors 1-3, table pose (NOT cat cow, according to @2Step aka backseat driver since he hasn’t signed up to Q this yet), pigeon pose, yada yada, … Read More