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F3 MeCa | August 7, 2020

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Davis Lake

Block and Roll

August 6, 2020 |

SSH Goofballs Downward Dog Pigeon Hurdler

Mosey to Curb Quarter Pounder: -1st Island – 25 merkins, quadraphilia back -3rd Island – 50 Squats – quadraphilia back -Shovel Flag – 75 Mountain Climbers – quadraphilia back -Top of Hill – 100 … Read More

2020 MeCa EH Challenge

July 28, 2020 |

Alright boys, 2020 has been crazy, but with circumstances as they are, there may never be a better time to EH sad clowns.  Men are literally stuck at home with very few workout options with most workout facilities closed.  Adult … Read More

Pre-Blast: Afton 2 Year Anniversary Convergence

July 27, 2020 |









F3 Afton – 2 Year Anniversary Convergence

F3 Afton is turning 2!  Come join us for a little Saturday morning celebration in the park.  Free pain will be provided… SYITG!


What:Read More


July 25, 2020 |

9 grown men and 2 young men posted for YHC’s 42nd birthday.  Shout out to MC for traveling from Kannapolis to celebrate in style with a beat down.  Party hats were available along with beverages for all ages.  Men, thank … Read More

Rock Out w/ Your Block Out

July 21, 2020 |

4 HIMs joined YHC in a blockstravaganza this morning. I was a few minutes late because a garbage truck ran off the road and the police were blocking Sugar Creek. Count that as things I didn’t expect on my F3 … Read More

What’s in a name

July 14, 2020 |

5 PAX and 1 FNG posted on another humid morning at the lake.

The PAX had some trouble being in cadence during WARMARAMA and evidently some took offense to being challenged to stay in cadence and follow the Q.

This … Read More

Kettlebell Beatdown at the Lake

July 9, 2020 |

2 for a kettlebell Beatdown at the lake this morning. YHC kept it simple with no running!  YHC just knew that this Beatdown would bring out the non runners but I guess I was wrong!  Here’s how it went down:

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July 7 at The Lake

July 7, 2020 |

The Illustrious Blip wasn’t feeling very motivated this morning but he managed to drag himself out of bed to join 3 PAX at The Lake. The beat-down went as follows:

SSH x15 Windmill x15 Daisy picker x15 Arms circles (forward … Read More

Good Times on Independence Day

July 6, 2020 |

5 PAX and 9 2.0‘s for a July 4th F3 Dads celebration. Disclaimer Social Distance Instructions WARMARAMA: (All 15 IC) Mountain Man Poopers (Grandma’s Squirrel Gravy) Toe Touch, Squat and arms out, Toe Touch, UP with clap Sprinkler (arms straight … Read More


July 2, 2020 |

Thanks to Blip for running the warmarama while I chalked the stations.

3 minutes AMRAP, 30s rest – repeato 3x

Various stretching afterwards

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