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F3 MeCa | January 22, 2019

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4 Pillars

January 3, 2019 |

8 intrepid warriors braved a drizzly downpour to join YHC to price the cost of a good sweat. Warmup: Mosey from ASEC parking lot to the first floor of the hospital employee deck for: SSH x 20 (IC) IST x … Read More

A trip around the Courts

January 2, 2019 |

Warm-up: Mosey over to the pavilion near the bum-wash

–        SSH IC x 20

–        Hillbillies IC x 20

–        Cotton-pickers x 10

–        Arm circles

Workout: Mosey over … Read More

Remembering ASEC Qs of 2018

January 1, 2019 |

Warm-up: Mosey to Belk lot for 15 SSH, 15 Hillbillies and 2 10 count Hamstring stretch

Workout 1: Light pole suicides Pax ran suicides to and back light pole 1,2,3,2,1 while doing 20 merkins each time returning … Read More

Perfect Weather

December 30, 2018 |

11 gentlemen decided not to wait on their New Years resolution to get exercise. We were rewarded with beautiful weather. Warm up: Mosey to parking lot of spine and neurosurgeon: SSH ic x20 Hillbillies ic x20 Arm circles Mountain climbers … Read More

40 is the New 30

December 27, 2018 |

15 PAX showed up for Mountie’s  #40 celebration at ASEC Warm up:  Mosey down Lake Concord to the first available long stretch of guardrail. Grab it and do 40 dips. Continue the mosey to the Belk parking lot. SSH X … Read More

Get Back to Work

December 26, 2018 |

Phone said it was 37 degrees.  Car said 28 degrees….car was right.  9 strong showed for an after Christmas beatdown to reverse the effects of too much food and drink.

Mosey to parking lot by What A Burger

12 Days of Christmas!

December 22, 2018 |

It was a Christmas celebration convergence with Kannon, Concord and Afton on a perfect weather morning!

Warmup:  Mosey behind Credit Union for 20 SSH, 15 Hillbillies and 2 10 count TP Hamstring stretches

Thang: Mosey to Village Park Shelter 1 … Read More

Pre-40th Birthday Beatdown

December 18, 2018 |

18 men came out to join YHC for his last Q in his 30’s and here’s what had happened….Mosey to power plant for 40 SSH’s IC, 15 Mtn Climbers IC, & 15 Cotton Pickers IC…mosey to visitor parking deck for … Read More

Raise the Bar

December 13, 2018 |

11 pax defeated warmth of the fartsack and posted to receive their dose of feel good medicine for the day


  • Run to the mall parking lot
  • SSH x 20
  • Mtn Climbers x 20
  • Runner stretch

Indian run around the mall with the … Read More

The 100

December 12, 2018 |

12 PAX showed for a balmy 25 degree beat down amidst the black ice and snow banks.  


Mosey to the 2nd level of parking deck dodging the black ice and snow banks.

10 mtn climbers 

10 cotton pickers

Left-over-right … Read More