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I mean, I was tired when we were done

When: 9/21/2022 QIC: PR The PAX:  Spud, Psycho T, Luthor, Cat, El Ab, Buzzkill, Tomby, Slash, Mayweather, FC, Frosty, Homeland, Mayhem, Ticky, and (Former FNG) Brickyard  16 posted.  Delightful weather. Warmup: Mosey to Carolina Courts SSH, loose change, mtn climbers, arm circles… The Thang: Circuit around downtown: 10 hand-release mercs at bottom of CC, run to cat […]

Moan & Groan

Date: 9/20/2022 AO: ASEC QIC: Hops Pax: Private Ryan, Psycho T, Hipbone, Bozeman, Fire Cock, Tomby, Catfish, Scooter, Spud, Luthor, Homeland, Look me up!, Mayweather and FNG-Heath Dry Warmup: Head to Belk parking lot. SSH x 20 Loose Change x 10 Arm Circles Head to top of parking deck. Thang: 4 corners (stations), 4 exercises […]

Block by Block

Block by block Q:     Finish line AO:    OCT Pax:   Bozeman, Luthor, Hipbone, Frostbite, Buzzkill, Indy, Catfish, Checkmate, Tombstone, PsychoT, Firechicken, FNG Brad, Slash, Mountie, Spud Mosey around block of OCT stoping at corner store – Warmup –  15x side-straddle hops – 15 4 count pushups – 15 mountain climbers – Stretch to right, middle , […]

World Famous Golf Champ Beatdown

AO: ASEC QIC: World Champion member-guest golfer…aka Fire Chicken Pax: LMU, Pyscho-T, PR, Scoot, Deer Tick, Tomby, Luthor, Popeye, Cat, Spud, Warm-up: all pax on time…including PR…mosey to rehab parking lot for lots of chatter and: SSH’s IC X 25 Loose Change IC x 10 IST’s IC x 15 Arm circles forward/backward Mosey back to […]

9th Anniversary Workout

Q : Total Package Pax : Tombstone, Lex Luthor, Hops, Spud, Bozeman, Gooney, Capt. Morgan, Hipbone, Indy, Mountie, Scooter, Homeland, Ace, Neverland, Mayhem, Buzzkill, Java, Catfish, Anvil, Popeye, Tupperware Jog to Carolina Courts: Circle up SSH x 20 IST’s x 20 Hamstring stretch Arm circles Station #1 Carolina Courts parking lot 10 exercises times ten […]

Wind N at 5; 67F

13 PAX Scooter, Finish Line, Checkmate, EL AL, Total Package, Tombs, Spud, BK, Hops, Mayz, Homelands, FC, indy   0530 Head to Belk lot avoiding death by car Warmoramee SSH x 15 (because that’s just what we do) Plank Jack with Merkins (5 Plank Jacks 1 Merkin ; 5 Plank Jacks 2 Merkin; etc; Up to 20 […]

No Skin Off My Back

PAX: Homeland, No Show, Tupperware, Skinner, Slash, Popeye, Firechicken, LMU, Psycho T, Finish Line, Buzzkill, Mayweather, Mountie, Catfish, Private Ryan, Scooter, Hipbone, El Abogado, Mayhem, Spud, Tombstone  A Legion of Men followed the Q into the unknown this morning. Unknown to them, and even unknown to the Q. Here’s how it went:  Mosey to the old deck to… WARM UP  SSH x20ic Hillbillies x15ic  Loose Change x10ic Arm Circles Various Leg Stretches  That sweet cadence […]

Stripper Pole

Date: 9-6-22 Pax: Catfish, Psycho T, No Show, Tombstone, El Ab, Indy, Deertick, Spud 8 men came to delve into the dank muggy gloom to better themselves.  Here it is: Warm Up Mosey to Dragstrip by way of LePhilip Court. SSH x 20 Hillbilly x 10 Loose Change x 10 Arm rotations Then mosey to […]