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the 600

5.10.2022 PAX: Spud, Ace, Bay City Roller, Marlboro, Homeland, Popeye, Deertick, Tombstone, Firechicken, Catfish, Luthor, Tupperware, Total Package, TrickDaddy,Psycho T Q: Indy Clear/ 48F/ Mosey to BELK Lot WARM UP SSH x 25 (20 for Spud) IST squats x 15 (2 for Tombstone due to confuzzy and outrage) Mt Climbers x 10 Stumpjumpers x 10 […]

Cinco de Mayo

     Cinco de Mayo   Q :     Total Package Pax : Spud, Tombstone, Grover, Mayweather, Scooter, Psycho T, Trick Daddy ​ ​ Jog around ASEC parking lot doing high knees, butt kickers, karaoke, goose steps   Jog to Rehab center parking lot: Circle up Slapjacks x 20 IST’s x 20 Hamstring stretch […]

A little Dick Paver

05/04/2022 PAX: Mahem, Slash, Hotwheels, Skinner, Look Me Up, Spud, Hipbone, Hops, Popeye, Tombstone, Firechicken, EL Abogado, Psycho T, Grover, Homeland, Bay City, Luthor, Finish Line Q: Indiana 66F, cool with E wind at 8mph. GRAB a small brick paver (1) weighing 3-4 lbs and mosey to the big parking deck down Buffalo. COP WARM […]

Back Up Q

Backup Q AO: OCT Q: Scooter Pax: Baycity, Grover, Mayweather, Marlbroro, Neverland, Big Show, LMU, Firechicken, Ace, El Ab, Luther, PsychoT, Spud, Tombstone, Mahem, Skinner, Popeye, Slash, Scooter 19 posted on a chillier than expected morning. Warm up: Rotary Square SSH x15 Mountain Climbers x10 Arm circles IST x10 Stretch The Thang: Up the new […]


Date: 4-23-22 Pax: Popeye, Scooter, Catfish, Transit, Anvil, Neverland, Gooney, Luthor, Frostbite, Total Package, Spud 10 pax showed up for the Q’s White Stripes concert and got nothing of the sort.  This was all about perfection and completion.  The weather is warming Warm Up: Mosey to Boys & Girls club for SSH x 20 hillbilly […]