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12 Days of COVID

I turned 13 yesterday and only four of you cared enough to post at my Birthday beatdown.  We ran around the AO doing 13ish of a lot of exercises.  My dad busted his AS$ trying to box jump on a wet picnic table and we thought he might be dead. Thankfully he wasn’t and no […]


A four-Pax showed up for some KB’s w/ a twist.  A little Broga was added in.  We stretched, did a some KB circuits (chest and shoulders, back and bi’s, and legs w/ KB core work in between each circuit.  15-30 reps of every exercise.  Sprinkled in a little Broga at the end @Robin’s Nest style […]

MeCa Weight Loss Challenge – January 2021

While we all definitely try, the fact is, you can’t outwork a bad diet.  So…for at least one month, let’s work on that.  As January is the month of new year’s resolutions, it seems as good a month as any to knock off any unwanted holiday pounds.  In F3 vocabulary, we will be working on […]

A Virgin Q No Longer

My VQ a month or so ago went okay, BUT my first ever BB won MeCa BB of the Week.  I bet you my PS5 that none of you reading this won MeCa BB of the Week on your first one.  I digress though, I don’t want to sound arrogant or cocky….. It was time […]

PAXMiner – The Friendly Attendance App

TLDR: We have a new beatdown attendance app on Slack – PAXMiner Why? It could help provide knowledge, insight and even maybe some fun Let’s give this a good go to see if this is a useful tool – use format provided This is not a substitute for backblasts on the site – this is […]

Back to The Grindstone

On a cool, rainy morning, four Pax enjoyed the comfort of the Manor House covered patio.  We stayed dry except for the gravy we sweated out of our bodies.  Two Pax were on time, two were a little late (for different reasons).  No need to mention names there as all four Pax had the right […]

Make it Hard Tomorrow, I Need It

That’s what she said!  No joke, this BB title is a direct quote text received last night from a Comanche Pax member who shall remain nameless.  Not for long, of course…  Is it a coincidence that this text just so happened to come from @Forgotten Jelly who is an educator of youth?  Is he insinuating […]

Ode to Castaway

This morning 11 PAX braved the gloom and impending hurricane to join me on a deep dive into the exicon.  We started with a good run to the High School to passively harass Fox News.  Once there, we started the warmup and loudly yelled our cadence in order to be on the news. I think […]