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F3 MeCa | March 17, 2018

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You work in a funeral home? It’s best not to nap a work

March 16, 2018 |

Fortunately, YHC didn’t put the Pax to sleep this morning! With six strong and 70’s classic hits rolling from the speaker we stretched in the warmth of an almost spring day (Spring starts Tuesday)!  Hammer pointed out constellations, and Softwood … Read More

Treble Negatives

March 15, 2018 |

8 Pax skipped the #fartsack to circle the Cox Mill campus and experience a DownPainMent along the way.

Disclaimer blathered out as we set off for a @Parkour, (Sirius old school Lexicon), loop.

  • SSH x20
  • Mtn Climbers x10
  • Planck … Read More

Better late than…whatever

March 14, 2018 | | 2 Comments

9 Men posted to another Valley Cruise road show with YHC having planned a route that would test the RunGo App prior to Palmetto 200 next weekend.  We launched from the new Publix at Ridge and Benfield, and ventured into … Read More

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

March 13, 2018 |

The other day, YHC heard a blast from the past on the radio (Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself) which immediately brought me to the memory of @Wilson’s visiting Q and the dreaded Triple Check he started with.   Since … Read More

Wet and chilly skedaddle

March 12, 2018 |

Six men came together today for a wet and chilly skedaddle. We ran all over Christenbury and hit many hills. Here’s the route:

Nothing special. Lot’s of 2ndF time. Distances ranged from 2-3 miles. We ended a little … Read More

Whetstone Kick-Off Beatdown

March 10, 2018 |

47 PAX showed to kick off F3 MeCa’s newest initiative Whetstone at F3 MeCa’s newest (and best 😉 ) AO. Here is what happened.

Thorough and non-professional, professional disclaimer given. Mosey to the alumni pavilion (wanted to make sure that … Read More

Whetstone Launches in MeCa

March 10, 2018 |

F3 Whetstone launched in MeCa on 3/10/18. Take 13 minutes to watch THIS introduction given by Man Down. Then read the details below and sign up. Thanks to Astro Van for a strong setup with the partner, burden-sharing beatdown. You can … Read More

Don’t Give Blood the Day Before VQ

March 8, 2018 | | One Comment

The cold didn’t stop 10 PAX from joining my VQ in the gloom.  It was a cold morning, but we warmed up quickly.


  • 12 Side Straddle Hops (single count)
  • 12 Imperial Storm Troopers
  • 12 Cotton Pickers
  • 12 Michael … Read More

Lucky 13

March 8, 2018 | | One Comment

13 lucky men came out to the surprisingly cold gloom this morning for a Buffalo Bill lead beatdown. Disclaimer was given and statement about today being all recycled material, and we were off.

Warm up

Mosey to the front of … Read More

Whetstone Preblast

March 7, 2018 |

MeCa Pax, Are you in need of “sharpening” in your life that includes but also goes beyond the 1st F? Do you desire to share what you have learned in your life journey so that you can impact the … Read More