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What Would Spaz Do?

Date: 04/30/22 Pax: @Audit, @Spaz, @Moolah, @IronCity, @Opie, @Huggie, @Guinness Runners: @BigBlue, @HopHunter, @TugboatWillie, @Ringo FNG: 0 Q: @guinness Count: 11 Warmorama Mosey around parking lot to tennis courts. SSH x20IC Imperial Storm Troopers x15IC Windmills x10IC Penny Pickers (Clapless) x15IC Low Slow Squats x10IC Plank Jacks x15IC Burpees (unruly clappers) x5 Mountain Climbers x15IC […]

Just some freestylin’

6 HIMs joined YHC for a freestylin Friday.  3 ruckers, 3 runners, and 1 biker headed off in different directions but all ended up back together at the end.   Count-off and Name-a-Rama   COT PRAYERS —-For Hop Hunter’s aunt, Gepetto’s friends, 14YO with leukemia   PAX:  Spaz(R), Iron City(R), Opie(R), Gepetto(R), Hop Hunter, Peeping […]

Not a Walk in the Park

The PAX: Audit, Buck, Opie, Hop Hunter, Two fifths, Stitches, Chachi, Grassy Knoll, Hokie Pokie, Guinness, Big Blue, Geppetto, Spaz Q:  Spaz   13 pax broke new ground, and blazed new trails. No one can mistake us for Marco Polo, Sir Walter Raleigh, Christopher Columbus, and especially not Dora the Explorer, but we set out […]

Guinness did that last week!

YHC devised a plan last night and thought to myself, I don’t want to do that!  Must be a good workout, #Letsgo! A short disclaimer was given and we took off running towards Mt. Afton.  On the way Bravo was telling me about this awesome partner workout they did last week at Mt. Afton, and […]

The Burgh’s Amen Corner Workout

17 men showed, knowing a world of pain awaited on a gentle April morning….   PAX: Stiches, Spaz, Terrible Towel, Peeping Tom, Hokie Pokie, Opie, Guinness, Moolah, Kojak, Big Blue, Bravo, Iron City, Zaccheau, Gepetto, Hop Hunter, Shooter QIC: Phidippedes Warmorama: The usual lap around the parking lot, plus bear crawls..   THANG (1) In […]

The Return of the Bricknado!

The PAX:  Stitches, Yellowcake, Opie, Audit, Iron City, Big Blue, Geppetto, Hokie Pokie, Shooter, Guinness, Phidippedes, Bravo, Terrible Towel, Zacchaeus, Peeping Tom, FNG-Adam, Hop Hunter 17 men showed on this perfect Hump Day morning to see if YHC still had it.  Rumors went wild last week about YHC following a supposedly sub par rucking outing […]

The Hard Way or The Easy Way

9 of F3-Afton’s finest joined YHC for a cool morning at Dorton Park on this Saturday.  Thankfully, the PreBlast of having to make a choice between the ‘hard’ way or the ‘easy’ way didn’t scare away the crowd.  We had a couple of runners (Uecker & Ringo) that joined the fun at 0600 and we […]

Apple Turnover

Apple Turnover (aka Surf and Turf) As the weather improves and 0530 isn’t so gloomy, more PAX tend to show up.  From the strong turnout, I suspect folks were hoping for a springtime treat.  Well, who doesn’t like treats?!? On this fine morning, 16 PAX showed up to find out.  Apple turnovers are good, but […]

No Burpee Pre Creek Cleanup

Since it seems some of the pax gets tired of doing burpees, I personally don’t understand it, I planned a beat down with no burpees.  However, some of the pax insists on clapping, even for windmills, so a 5 burpee penalty per clapper was charged.  I believe there might have been more than 2 clappers […]