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Look out for the Butcher

The PAX: Spaz, Opie, Iron City, Run-Flat, Booter, Turbine, Yellowcake, Hop Hunter Q: Hop Hunter   It’s that time of year that comes with extra special heat and humidity and lots of accompanying sweat in the gloom.  Also, with school being out now for all, it means that vacation season is upon as well.  With […]

What is the next exercise?

Pax: Q- Hokie Pokie, Beat down: Guinness, Opie, Spaz, Terrible Towel, Kojak, 4-Wide, Scrum, Iron City Bikers = Hop Hunter, Yellow Cake, Uecker Runner= Slash     Warmarama: SSH (IC) x 15 Penny pickers (IC) x 12 Toy Solderis (IC) x 10 Mt Climbers (IC) x 12   Grab 3 blocks and head to the […]

Don’t Let the Circuits Break You!

13 of F3 Afton’s PAX joined YHC in the gloom of Dorton Park at 0530 on 6-8-22 to see what YHC had in store. Temperature felt great, but the humidity was fierce… sweating was certainly no issues from the disclaimer on! At 0531, after a brief halt from our FiA friends about partnering for an […]

Humid Gassers

Pax: Zacchaeus Spaz Iron City hop_hunter CPAP Opie Phidippedes Kojak hokie_pokie Geppetto Bravo PeepingTom  terribletowel Shooter bigblue   Warm-arama: Mosey around parking lot with some high knees, butt kickers, karaoke and high skips thrown in. SSH IC x 20, IST IC x 15, Slow Merkin IC x 15, MC IC x 20, Wind Mill IC x 10 Mosey […]

A Gift From Georgia

Slackblast: A Gift From Georgia Date: 5/25/22 Pax: @HopHunter @Big Tuna @Big Blue @Bravo @Kojac @Hokie Pokie @Zaccheus @Moolah @Opie @Peeping Tom @Phidipedes @Terribe Towel @Kiwi (Visiting from Myrtle Beach AO) @spaz @guinness FNG:0 Q: Guinness Count: 15   Warmorama SSH 20 IC IST 15 IC Windmills 10 IC Penny Picker (without clap) 10 IC […]

Pain Train

Backblast 5/18/22   12 men showed at Afton to take a ride on the Pain Train!   PAX: @Big Tuna @bigblue @PeepingTom @Iron City @Geppetto @hokie_pokie @Opie @Spaz @hop_hunter @Kojak @Bravo QIC: @Phidippedes   WU: Run to doc’s parking lot and make the following circuit: Short Side 1: Bear Crawl Long Side 1: High Skips […]

Slightly more than nothing planned

YHC was inspired by last night’s hockey game to tour the city of bridges in the Afton Swamp. Fortunately we had MECA’s official bridge inspector with us for safety and we were off with FNG Tony in tow. The plan was to cover a little bit of ground and keep the arms fresh for the […]

Exploring Mount Afton

The PAX: Big Blue, Spaz, Opie, Peeping Tom, Zacchaeus, Geppetto, Turbine, Hop Hunter Q: Hop Hunter   YHC checked last week and noticed we were a needing some pax to pick up some Q’s in May, so decided this Monday would be a as good a day as any.  It’s always good to have some […]

Classic F3 Beatdown

Pax: Hop Hunter, Spaz, Audit, Big Blue, Moolah, Shooter, Guinness, Hokie Pokie, 4-Wide Runners/Ruckers: Bravo, Huggy Bear, ChaChi, Ringo   Warm-arama: Mosey around tennis courts and then into tennis courts. SSH IC x 15, IST IC x 15, Wind Mill IC x 10, MC IC x 20 Mosey across street to Medical Buildings   The […]

Una Fiesta Muy Grande

The PAX: Big Blue, Iron City, Shooter, Spaz, Moolah, Guinness, Bravo, Hokie Pokie, Opie, Peeping Tom, Stitches, Slash, Kojak, Hop Hunter QIC:  Hop Hunter   14 Aftonians were ready and waiting when YHC rolled into Dorton Park on this awesome May morning.  Being the most highly anticipated beatdown of the year (right?)… YHC had to […]