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F3 MeCa | May 7, 2021

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Porto’s redemption Day2

April 7, 2021 |

4 brave Aftonians came out this morning to enjoy Porto’s 2nd redemption attempt, yes your YHC did wear in his sleeve the Famous / Infamous band. @Bravo snapped a pic and shared with the pax. Porto decided that “Old Glory” … Read More

Turd Ferguson

April 6, 2021 |

I was really hoping to run the Bird route today, but my knee just hasn’t been cooperating, so I went with the ruckers this morning, and told the runners to run the Bird, or whatever they felt … Read More

Porto’s Redemption DayOne

April 5, 2021 |

Today 5 Pax made their way out of the fart sack and showed up for the Monday run/ruck @Afton.  The Q gave a quick disclaimer and reviewed the route (the famous Afton regular route).  We had 3 runners and 2 … Read More

Tour of Dorton Park

April 3, 2021 |

Nice cold morning, as 12 men (5 Runners/Ruckers and 8 for Beatdown) came out to Afton for a Hokie Pokie special. Told the group I wanted to give a tour of Dorton Park, not much running, I thought!!I

4 Runners … Read More

4 Years at Comanche w/ a Tribute

March 25, 2021 |

YHC arrived at 0516 thinking there would be a decent-sized group for our lightly marketed four-year AO Anny, but little did I know 45 HIM’s (including 1 FNG) descend upon the Comanche AO to celebrate.  We had 61 (I believe) … Read More

One to Four Counts

March 17, 2021 |

The eve of the beatdown, YHC was perusing the F3 Lexicon looking to add something new to the workout routines.  Backdraft had a squat to monkey humpers segment last week that wasn’t fun.  After searching for a few similar routines, … Read More

The blocks are a coming

March 15, 2021 |

A mild late Winter morning awaited 13 HIMs in Aftonland and most of them stuck around to see what YHC had planned up for them.  YHC knew how much a certain exercise that this AO loves so YHC would oblige … Read More

The Normal Regular

March 15, 2021 |

It’s hard to step in for local legend, but that it is what YHC had to do this morning.  Our scheduled Q (4-Wide) is unfortunately experiencing knee pain and needed to let it rest this am, so the Pax got … Read More

Severe Storm Warning

March 10, 2021 |

It crossed YHC’s mind recently that several of our pax had never experienced Sharknado.  The main reason for that is a great thing.  The F3 Afton pax have done an outstanding job being HIMs and signing up to Q each … Read More

Slackblast! Bday Serenate

March 8, 2021 |

8 aftonites showed up to my Bday party, and yes there were some burpees…@big Blue would have enjoyed it but he was out doing the Idiot Run with hop_hunter. Well YHC made it just in time and arrived at exactly … Read More