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Rain is just a mental game

In attendance were Spaz, Opie, Buckner, Hokie Pokie, 4-Wide, Buck, Terrible Towel, Moolah, Rickshaw, Yellowcake. Rain didn’t stop 10 men from making themselves stronger on a Saturday morning.  0700 hit, a disclaimer was given, and a mosey in the drizzle took us around the tennis court sidewalk, back to the parking lot for some Warmorama. […]

The Pitchfork

Pax: @Exit54 @Maddog @Clueless @Wexler @Tbone @Pharoah @HopHunter @PapaJohn @Bonvoy @Battery @Bearclaw @Geppetto @Dr.Lecter @Zin QIC: @Othello FNG’s: 0 Count: 15 YHC posted a preblast the night before stating temps would be around 66, there will be a large BRR contingent in the gloom, and that I would be there at 0500 for a pre-run-warm-up […]

Are You Ready For Some Football?

11 of F3 Afton’s finest joined YHC in the gloom of Dorton Park at 0530 on 8-17-22 to better ourselves on this Wednesday morning. YHC gave the disclaimer and around the Dorton lot we went. After 2 laps, we circled up for a brief warm-up.  Finished the warm-up with a couple stretching maneuvers, and instructed […]

Peep Show with out Peeping Tom

Pax – Guinness, Kokomo, Spaz, Kojak, TerribleTowel, Shooter, Phidippedes, BigBlue   Warm-a-rama Couple of laps around the parking lot, quadraphelia, karaoke, high skip, side to side Circle up – IST IC * 12, Windmills IC * 10, MC IC * 20 Motivator – 9 full SSH, 9 half SSH, 9 just legs, 9 hops, 8 […]

Hokie Pokie’s Grand Finale

Q-Hokie Pokie Moolah, Spaz, Opie, Bravo, Big Blue, Shooter, Terrible Towel, Yellow Cake, Chachi, Buck, FNG-Leonard     Last day of the Iron week challenge for Hokie Pokie. It was a great crew all week. A lot to be thank you for!! I wanted to keep us moving this morning, and by the end, we […]

Murder bunnies anyone…..not today!!

Pax (13): Q- Hokie Pokie, Guinness, Opie, Spaz, Terrible Towel, Kojak, Iron City, Big Blue, Bravo, CPAP, Moolah, Geppetto, Zacchaeus   Warmarama: Mosey around the parking lot x2 SSH (IC) x 12 Penny pickers (IC) x 12 Wind mills (IC) x12   Grab blocks stay in the main parking lot 3 Exercises Bench Press Flutter […]

The “173/192” workout

The PAX: Kojak, Rickshaw, Geppetto, Hokie Pokie, Opie, Big Blue, Zacchaeus, Iron City, Phidippedes, Spaz Q: Spaz   In celebration of the opening of the first Dairy Queen on June 22, 1940, we set out to burn enough calories to validate a visit to the DQ.   Warm-a-rama Mosey a lap around the parking lot and circle up […]

Remembering our Brother!

The PAX: Spaz, Rickshaw, Geppetto, 2/5’s, Chachi, Rooster, Moolah. Run Flat, Hokie Pokie, Huggy Bear, Shooter, Tugboat Willie, Hop Hunter Q: Hop Hunter   The Celebration of Life for Damon Hudgens “AMWAY” was on Friday evening.  It was an emotional night and a reminder of how much our brother is missed.  YHC left the event […]

Friday Freestylin and Profilin

The PAX:  Spaz, Opie, IronCity, Zacchaeus, Phidippedes, Rickshaw, Peeping Tom, Geppetto, Terribletowel, Yellowcake, Shooter, Hop Hunter Q: Hop Hunter   Lots of strong work in the hot gloom this week.  To add to the extreme weather we had severe a severe storm roll thru on Thursday afternoon and leave lots of debris scattered about Afton […]

We don’t have to run

The PAX:  Spaz, Opie, Iron City, Pharaoh, Guinness, Zacchaeus, Loveboat, Phidippedes, Kojak, Big Tuna, FNG-DP, Hop Hunter Q: Hop Hunter 12 men showed in the gloom on this fine Hump Day morning to put in some work.  Since this is an Iron Q week, YHC wanted to find something exciting for the pax this morning.  […]