Back Blasts

A bit on the chilly side, soultion, Sandbags!

AO: All-Things-Rucking
Q: Scrum
PAX: Gapper, Iceman-Freeze, Peppa, Scrum, Jeff Sheets
FNGs: 1 Jeff Sheets
SSH, Seal Claps, Hillbilly’s, Overhead Claps

Sandbag Ruck -10 Mins out
o 10 Burpees
o 10 Sandbag Squats
o 10 Good Mornings
Head Back
o 10 Sand Bag Cleans
o 10 Over the shoulder throws (5 each side)
o 10 Sandbag Sit-ups
Sandbag Ruck to Farthest Pole
o 10 Ruck Thrusters
o 10 Sandbag Lateral Toss (5 each Side)
o 10 Sandbag Avalanche (Lateral overheads)
Sandbag Ruck back to Start
Ruck Shuffle around bathrooms
Farmer Carry – Furthest Pole and Back – grab the 6
Sandbag Ruck -Furthest Diagonal Pole
o 10 Burpees
o 10 Sandbag Squats
o 10 Good Mornings
Sandbag Ruck Back

Flutter kicks

Good work by all who posted. Due to @Kojak being absent for his Iron Q, @peppa took advantage and was excited to be first in the ruck shuffle. 🙂

Trust the Process

12 other dudes joined YHC at the Town Center to help kick off his Iron Q week.  The PAX gathered up and talk about the upcoming beatdown that was posted last night began.  The clock hit 0530 so off we went.  It went mostly like this……


Run the Extinction 1/2 mile loop AFAP


Go get the 6 and then meet at the back of Hawthorne’s
The following details were given and were mostly followed:
5-10-15-20-25 Pyramid
4 Corners
1st:  HR Mericans
2nd:  Jump Squats
Crab Walk
3rd:  CDD’s
4th:  Apollo Ohno’s(each side)
Crab Walk
Run one of the staircases and run around the building.  Run the other staircase before starting the next round of 4 corners.
Continue until 0620 and then have the option of running the 1/2 mile or staying with the Q for some cool down stretches.
Count-off and Name-a-Rama
COT courtesy of Talladega
—-Gremlin February 4th.  Get signed up
—-Fellowship of the Idiots February 11th
—-It’s only Monday and some were already trusting the process and tapering for something.  Those some know who they are.
—-Matt finally got named after some intensive conversations and will be known as Chalupa, though he wasn’t pleased when he found out what it was slang for.  Queen would be proud.
—-Honored to have double digits on the first day of my Iron Q.  I hope it increases each day.  Being out with these guys is the best start to the day for me.
—-Some PAX took up YHC on the stretching option and that’s something that will continue the rest of the week.  3 or 4 went for an extra 1/2 mile.

Nipply Winds and Cold Bells

AO: F3Tradition
Q: pongo, buckwheat, Frostbite MECA
PAX: buckwheat, Frostbite MECA, pongo
FNGs: None
It was chilly w/ the breeze. Pongo’s nipples got hard while Frostbite wasn’t fazed. Buckwheat was fazed, but didn’t tell anybody. People’s Q occurred. Bells were lifted, tugged, pulled, and carried. A total body experience we’re all better for. Thanks for the nudge to come to Tradition, Pongo. Needed that after a rough day of NFL viewership!

Kettle Bells Monday

AO: F3Dawghouse
Q: Buck
PAX: Dawghouse MASH, Grassy Knoll, Liquid Courage
FNGs: None
Moser to school entrance to a dry spot. Lap around the courtyard.
Penny Pickers
Arm Circles

YHC took the Q rather late in the evening Sunday, so no real plan. With that being said it was decided it would be a great opportunity for a People’s Q. YHC kicked it off with 3 exercises and each Pax followed suit.

No Mary as it I was incorporated into the rounds of KB.

Gremlin Feb. 4
Fellowship of Idiots Feb. 11
Roadside Cleanup Feb. 18

Honey Do healing and protection for family.
Patty’s results
Pax who couldn’t be with us.

Runners Rule – 7-41 (runners-ruckers-riders-walkers)

AO: F3Afton
Q: bigblue
PAX: hop_hunter, Iron City, majorpain, Zacchaeus, terribletowel, Kokomo, turbine, Spaz, Opie, Slash, yellowcake, bigblue, JoyRide
FNGs: None
The runners’ plan was the original Mt Afton loop. We stayed together the first loop to ensure everyone knew the route. On the 2nd loop, the Nantan showed up, late. Chaos ensued. For some reason half the pax started following the Nantan off the prescribed route, I guess he is the Nantan. The runners were gathered back together and finished our run, almost on time. As usual, the ruckers, rider and walker were waiting patiently for our return.
It was noted that Major Pain had a top ten finish amongst the runners, great work guys.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Gremlin – Feb 4 – need some ruckers to commit.
COT: Continued prayers for Patti and family this week, praying for good test results. Prayers for all those suffering mentally and physically.

Silent SSH?

Q: @Othello
Pax: @Gamma @Bearclaw @Gapper @Mullet @Talladega @DickTracey @Segundo @Constitution

Eight weekend-warriors came out to wish YHC well on his last day of Iron Q.  For those who attended all week, dinner is on me!  Since this applied to no one in attendance the consolation prize is coffee.

0650 YHC could see the light of @Segundo coming down the road after his pre-run.  A few minutes later the Pax started to roll in.  Right on que, 4 more Pax scream in on 2 wheels to make it at 7:01am.  Penalty – BURPEES.  Lets walk….

We began with a walking warm-up which consisted of another lousy disclaimer, Toy Soldiers, Arm/Shoulder/Tricep stretches & Arm Circles.  We circled up for a little “Silent” SSH.  What’s that you say?  YHC counts cadence for SSH x6, then we must all continue up to 10 while counting cadence in our head to see if we all stop at the same time.  Ready, go!
Round 1 – Constitution didn’t stop in time – 5 Burpee penalty
Round 2 – Bearclaw and Constitu….crap, forget it, let’s go.

Mosey down the steps, turn right on the track and Indian Run to the first shelter.
5-10-15 Ladder (up & down): Step-ups (each leg), Dips, Decline Merkins

Indian run mosey down the track to the parking lot behind the playground. Began with parking lot line suicides.  Run to first line, nurb to home base.  Run to second line, nurb to home base.  Repeato to the end (there were about 9-10 lines).

Partner up for some 100’s (with a 50 mixed in).  P1 does exercise, P2 runs around the parking area.  100 Merkins, 100 (Audible!) 50 Box Jumps, 100 Dips.  Mixed in a little Broga in-between for breath catching.

Indian Run Mosey toward the far-rear soccer fields (which were closed).  We continued to the adjacent parking lot for a Starfish set.  5 Burpees in the center (Home).  Run to each corner, do said exercise, return Home for Burpees.  Corner 1-WWII’s, C2-Mt. Climbers, C3-Air Squats, C4-SSH.
Round 1 – 5 reps
Round 2 – 10 reps
P/U six
Low Fluttersx10 IC
Glute Stretch L/R
Mosey down the back steps to the lower parking lot

Follow the Leader up and down the parking lot lines to the end.  GPa jacks while we wait for the six. Then GPa Jacksx10 IC.

Indian Run mosey back to the track (towards the cars), stopping at the pavilion once again for a round of:  Incline Merkinsx10 IC & In/Outsx10 IC

Indian Run mosey back to the cars, then circle-up for a little…

LBC’sx10 IC
Rosalitax10 IC
6inches, which led to Protractor

1. All the usuals….Gremlin, Idiot Run, etc.
2. Tclaps to @DT’s son who passed his Drivers Exam.
3. @Gapper has some job leads #ironsinthefire
4. Prayers for @Segundo’s M who was recently laid off.

1. Who knew counting cadence in your head would be so hard. Not going to name any names but one must have strong @Contstitution to make his fellow Pax do needless Burpees.  Ooops 🙂 I am definitely bringing this back at my next Q and feel we will be doing a lot of Burpees that day.
2. Early mosey to the next station will not stop me from pulling you back for a few Burpees @Gamma. Although, you almost had me there, nice try. 😉
3. @Bearclaw was strong on the running today as he pulled me around that parking lot.
4. Tell me again @Talladega that the “warm air pocket” we ran through wasn’t what I thought it was?
5. Anyone ever notice how @Mullet jumps out of his car and immediately gets a 1/4-1/2 mile prerun in right before the BD? #strong
6. @DT – always putting in a ton of No Quit!
7. @Gapper will be bringing little paper umbrellas to future Saturday coffeeterias #showtoknow
8. Good luck on your Miami Marathon next weekend @Segundo!  #Animale

Thank you for the honor to lead you men this week. Aye!