Back Blasts

4 ruckers, 3 runners and a “whatever” eat cake

AO: f3afton
Q: bigblue
PAX: Iron City, Geppetto, Buck, hokie_pokie, Spaz, Huggy Bear, Shooter, bigblue
FNGs: None
Some ran, some rucked and 1 did a mosey with pain stations. All worked hard and earned a piece of birthday cake (and saved me from “having” to eat it all).
COT Prayers for Iron City’s mom as she undergoes surgery today (lower leg amputation).
Announcements Quarry run tomorrow 5K/10K; Huntersville Half on 12/9. West Cabarrus HS 5K for mental health 12/9 at noon. Christmas Party on 12/14. CanCan beatdown on 12/16.


AO: thevalley
Q: pleasure
PAX: landlord, Joystick, gentlegrizzly, trailmix, jumanji, Dogpound, Soprano, Marlboro Man, r2d2, Machuman (Machu Picchu), 6syllables, Barney, pleasure
FNGs: None
The Thang:
The PAX ran “The Usual Route” and then drank some coffee and enjoyed fellowship.

Huntersville Half/10K/5K is next weekend
Concord Spartan in April

Little chipper

AO: f3rollingstone
Q: Pox
PAX: Macgruber, ti, chachif3, Detention, MC, Pox, @all-in
FNGs: None
WARMUP: 200m run, 10 each merkins, lay pulls, squats, SSH x2 + movement practice / instruction
THE THANG: ‘Little Lumberjack”
For time, 17 min Cap
Chip away at the following in any order, after each exercise set is complete perform a 200 m run
20 wallballs
20 pull-ups
20 OHS (95/65)
20 tire flips
20 heavy KB swings
20 double KB thrusters
MARY: stretching and box breathing ever uses performed
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Saturday workout tomorrow! See slack for F3 service opportunity
COT: prayers for Caleb, Brian, and others in need of healing from auto wrecks and safety for all of us

Run to keep warm

Date: 11/30/23

qic: Luthor

pax: homeland; psycho T; spud; tombstone; loveboat; neverland; hops; Mayweather; TP

warm up:

moseyed around church parking lot with high knees and butt kicker. Then moseyed to Belk parking lot for other warmup exercises.

the thang:

Indian run around mall. Stopping after each lap for exercises in belk parking lot. Exercises were focused on core strength. Ended up making 3 trips around the mall. Moseyed back to ASEC and did a few exercises focused on back muscles. Then a couple minutes for stretching on your own.


Getting into the cold time of year. Not sure how many miles we covered, but I did try to up the mileage a bit to help keep warm. Have you ever taken an inventory of all the benefit’s you’ve gotten out of F3. It‘S quite shocking when you put detailed thought to it.

God says we can pray for ANYTHING. We prayed for the Griffith family, Bozeman, and loveboats siblings taking exams. God is great to us!


No, it’s worse

Pax: Uncle Floyd, Red Tape, Othello, Magic Mike, Constitution, JD

Q: Dr. Lecter

Date: 11/30/23

6 joined YHC on this very chilly final day of November for an oldie but goodie.


SSH x15 IC

IST x15 IC

Penny Pickers x15 IC

Plank Jacks x15 IC

Kraken Burpees x3 OYO

Mosey over to the front of the school. Circle up.

Hillbillies x15 IC

Mountain Climbers x15 IC

Kraken Burpees x3 OYO

The Thang

Mosey back to the first cove behind the school. Partner up.

P1 runs to middle cove and back while P2 exercises. Flapjack.

Exercises – Step ups and dips

Mosey to third cove.

P1 runs to middle cove and back while P2 exercises. Flapjack.

Exercises – Squats and WWII

Mosey over to the wall.

People’s Air presses x15 IC

Jackass Burpee Webb

1 burpee, 2 donkey kicks, 2 burpees, 4 donkey kicks…5 burpees, 10 donkey kicks

People’s Air Presses x15 IC

Captain Thor

1 WWII, 4 American Hammers…10 WWII, 40 American Hammers

Made it through 5 WWII and then headed back to the vehicles.


LBC x15 IC

Squirm x15 IC

Pretzel Crunch x15 IC

Low Dolly x15 IC

Freddie Mercury x15 IC

45 second plank

  • Thanks for the opportunity to lead.
  • Appreciate everyone coming out in the cold.
  • When we got to the wall, a smart-alecky PAX said “Oh, we’re going to run across the field and back, right?” No, it’s worse, YHC said.
  • They agreed that Jackass Burpee Webbs were worse
  • TCLAPS to Magic Mike for getting up early on his own volition this morning and joining us.
  • JD said he hadn’t planned to post but he woke up early and said what the heck, I’m going. HIM
  • YHC has led a similar workout a few times but it was new to today’s PAX.
  • Othello’s neighbor Mike is going through a divorce (wife cheated) and then found out at Thanksgiving that his father has stage 4 kidney cancer and only has a few weeks to live. Pray for Mike and Othello as he does his best to support his neighbor.
  • Orphanage decorating this Saturday.
  • 12 Days of Christmas Q’s still available
  • Wexler challenged us to post 12 times from 12/1 – 12/24.
  • Prayers for Wexler’s sister-in-law who is battling breast cancer.


Mumble chatter

AO: all-things-rucking
Q: Hacksaw
PAX: Peppa, Gapper, Gulfstream, Handy Manny, WaWa
FNGs: None
WARMUP: mosey, odd number warmup exercises
THE THANG: ruck/sandbag to JD field for 30 Min AMRAP
2-10, 10-2 ladders | sandbag throws, sandbag lateral toss
• sandbag cleans
• sandbag bearhug squats
• sandbag sandbag plank pullthrough
Gentleman ruck
20 min AMRAP-6 reps, 5 exercises
• SB shoulder to shoulder
• SB bear complex
• SB deadlifts
• SB curls
• SB bearhug walk around first pole
MARY: No Mary
• Christmas decorating Saturday
• Hand Manny ans Gulfstream in Wilmington
•Gateway begins…
• Mt Afton Challenge in Jan
• other events on Slack
• Gapper dad
• Gulfstream friend
• Hacksaw SIL
Handy Manny thumb
Always honor to lead and be a part of the buckle/belt boyz!

Cold Cruise

AO: f3dawghouse
Q: Buck
PAX: Dawghouse MASH, hokie_pokie, hop_hunter
FNGs: None
As promised, temps were cold but not for long. The 4 men who dared to brave the temps stayed warm by putting logging some miles this morning. Thank you gents for showing and to Hokie for ensuring that I didn’t have to go it alone this morning. Despite Hop Hunters efforts to pull him into a run.

Quarry Run 12/2
Opportunity for you studs to double up on 12/9
Huntersville Half 12/9
West Cabarrus 5K (hosted by Hokie Pokies Daughter) 12/9 12:00pm
Afton Christmas Celebration 12/14

Several praises and prayers for health and safety for all.

Take it easy, Buck out!

Nasty Nine

AO: f3rollingstone
Q: Jobu
PAX: Big Tuna, Detention, Life Alert, Macgruber, Stifler, Vespa-Odell, @slim, Jonathan
FNGs: 1 Jonathan
Mosey to HRMS for SSH, penny picker, windmill, IST, Hillbilly, merkins
Mosey to HRMS front doors. Partner A does the exercise while partner B runs a lap then switch.  times 2 for each exercise.

Reverse lunges
Incline merkins
Step ups

Mosey to the rock pile. Partner A does exercise with rock while Partner B runs a lap then switch. Times 2 for each exercise.

Skull crushers
Curls (for the girls)
Overhead press

Guardian run back for Mary


Stretch the legs briefly because @LifeAlert and I have to get to work.


Welcome to FNG Jonathan. He is a speed demon.
Pox Box tomorrow, BD Saturday 0700-0800, breakfast at Sweet Spot afterwards.

Prayers said.

Not Cold If You’re Moving

Wednesday, November 29th, 2023 – Harrisburg Town Center

Ten of F3 MeCa’s most warm blooded braved the sub freezing temperatures to try to improve themselves.  The sky was clear and star filled for our jaunt around the tree streets of H’burg.  We gathered for disclaimer and route discussion until 5:30am EST at which point we were off and running.

The Thang:

Mosey from town down Parallel and do the Parallel/Plaza/Patricia loop as many times as possible until time to head back.

CoT – Count off, Name-O-Rama, Announcements and Prayers/Praises
  • PAX: Exit54, Othello, FireBrand, Talladega, Salty Dog, Zin, Constitution, Dr Lecter and Mad Dog
  • Q: SheepDog
  • Orphanage decor this weekend.  Seek out Wexler for details.
  • Christmas village at Providence Baptist Dec 7th through 10th… FireBrand will be a shepherd
  • Praises for the Wolfpack’s dismantling of the Tarheels in football last weekend
  • Prayers for Star to get through her Covid quickly and start feeling better!
  • Prayers for Janet and Dave Glennon after Janet’s breast cancer diagnosis
  • Prayers for all the people of the world who need the thoughts and to grant us strength to lend a hand

Thank you all for the opportunity to lead and for the motivation to get out of bed this chilly morning to try to get better.  If YHC hadn’t been the Q then there is no way I would have made it.  Fact.  And special thanks to Exit 54 for running the last half mile with me which “encouraged” me to run the fastest I did all morning but still I slowed him down significantly.  So my fault for us being 1 minute late to the circle.

YHC didn’t make it to coffee.  I’m sure the conversation was stimulating.  Get it?  Coffee… caffeine … stimulating.

“People who think they know everything are a great annoyance t0 those of us who do.” -Isaac Asimov


My Body is a Hot Rod

BB 11/29/2023

QIC: Mayweather

Pax:  Beaker, Java, Tombstone, Spud, Skinner, Psycho T, Catfish, Firechicken, Mountie, Mayhem

12 brave men embraced their nature this morning to head outdoors to physically push their limits, as men were born to do. The air was cold but the fire in our hearts was warm. 

Modesto old deck to warm up, though that would be a safe out of the way place to do that until Queen Bee needed to bypass 43 open parking spaces to drive to the top of the deck. 

SSH x20ic

Hillbillies x15ic

Loose Change x10ic

Scatter and run for your lives 

Arm circles forward/back 

Independent stretching

Mosey to a hill that was 5/3 of a mile high for


Have been curious to see if Tombstone was capable of being cold and counting at the same time, so a simple Dora was introduced, executing the reps at the bottom of the hill while your timer ran up the hill, around the bank, and back down to switch out with you. 

100 Merks

200 Squats

300 LBC’s

100 Merks

Cycled all the way through to get the extra pushups as you boys are overwhelmingly flat chested and everyone knows that Mayweather is a titty man

Indian Run w/2x Burpees back to OCT 

Core work 

Freddie Merks

Low Flutters

Toe touches 



Mountain climbers

Jump squats 



Jim Griffith and the wife of 59 years he left behind 

Shawn Holder – plays basketball with Psycho T and is about the same age, recently suddenly passed away 

Praise for the upcoming nuptials of Catfish’s son Dean. 10 days from now he’ll be able to join our ranks of bitching husbands. 


As my ride through fall ball with Hot Rod concludes (undefeated) I can’t help but think it’s a great reminder of a lesson we all should live out loud. When the season began, I judged that dude and all I could see were the challenges and issues we were going to have. The city gave me a chance to get rid of him. I thank God I asked to handle it internally and see how it goes instead. Once I gave him a chance I found out that I didn’t inherit an issue, I had been given a great gift. An excellent coach who loves the game and cares about teaching it to the kids. A passionate competitor that was hard on the kids when they needed it, but also found ways to show them he cared. And most of all I got 11 kids who had the season of their lives, learned a ton about the game, made new friends, and had a lot of fun doing it. 

People are different than us. They’re different than what we’re used to, expect, or even want a lot of the time. Don’t forget to not view that as a flaw, but rather an opportunity. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and you might find Hot Rods all around you where you least suspect them. Otherwise you might wind up against a Hot Rod, and that ain’t a place you want to find yourself. Don’t want to wake up at 0500 and go run outdoors in 20° weather? Do it anyways, you’ll be glad you did.