Back Blasts

Light Sweet Tabata

59F/ 15 PAX

PAX: The Total Package, Marlboro, Bay City, Mayweather, Spud, Checkmate, Neverland, Deertick, Sandtrap, Tombs, Pvt Ryan, Homeland, Buzzkill, Bozeman

Q: Indiana

Mosey down da trail to REHAB

SSH x 20

5 Plank Jacks with 5 Merkins for 3 cycles

AS x 10

ISTs x 15

Loose Change x 10

Mosey back up to AO upper lot and grab a stone/paver/block/or metal plate and circle up.


Tabata Part 1: 40 sec AYG/20 sec Recovery with exercises done in series

DD Merks

Alternating Lunges

Low Flutter

Repeat for total of 2 sets per exercise

Run suicide down front drive

Tabata Part 2: 40 sec AYG/20 sec Recovery with exercises done in series

Curl Push Press x 2

Goblet Squats x 2

KGBs with stone/paver etc x 2

Run suicide down front drive

Tabata Part 3: 40 sec AYG/20 sec Recovery with ALL above exercises done in series ONCE – Lightning Round

Run Suicide


Box Cutters x 12

LBC x 12

Alt Leg V Ups x 12


Broga and stretching

MOLESKIN: Welcome Sandtrap to this group of miscreants  trying to live a better life.  Prayers said for Nick Goshen and his family who served our country in the European Theatre and passed at age 40 unexpectedly. As you sometimes think about your life and also death (Nick’s passing makes us all pause), as you juggle the challenges/stress of marriage, career, raising children (6 is the current record held by Marlboro), finances, remember to always look on the bright side of your life. Life is not easy even on easy street USA – which is where we live on planet earth if you pause to think about it.  Give more than you take and be a positive life force every day. Also brush teeth and floss those you want to keep.




Humpin that Monkey

13 brave souls defeated the FS for a Thursday edition of the Rolling Stone Boulder Bootcamp, HDHH edition. suck it bros weather in effect.

PAX: Clickbait, Loveseat, Peanuts, Heatstroke, sugar, MC, Vespa, BigBird, Soprano, Manwhich, Master Po, Kuhmo

Q: LifeAlert


Mosey to the front WR Odell with some high knees, butt kickers, Side slides

Circle up in front of Draco the Dragon

  • SSH x 10
  • CP x 10
  • AB x 5
  • IST x 10
  • arm cirles
  • Prisoner Tempo Squats x 10
  • Merkins x 10
  • MC x 10
  • all IC

The Thang

  • Mini Merkin madness is the name , sorta pain was the game. Line up near the light post on the far end of the lot. 16 lines in the lot were our target. However, this time around we went by 2s. run to line 2, 2 merkins, return to start and then to line 4, 4 merkins, return to start, then to line 6, 6 merkins…etc until all 16 lines had been eclipsed.. Since this is a mathematically challenged group and our resident math teacher Detention ditched us for the beach and his M, cones were placed every 2 spaces only as an aid for counting. So much fun, run it back with air squats.

Thang 2

  • head to Whatley Wall…did we ever come up with a new name?? partner up. P1 work, P2 run to stop sign and back until total was complete
    • 50 Derkins
    • 50 dips

Thang 3

  • mosey to Hector Henry Greenway entrance. So ensued monkey and eventually tiger humper marathon. 4 sets were completed at the top of the  ole HHGW with plenty of impressed commuters, but still no acknowledgement. Probably just too impressed to show their appreciation. 20 MH/TH IC then a run down the jailbreak hill. stop at flag 1 for 5 reps, flag 2 for 10 reps, front of long bridge for 15 reps. return to top of entrance and wait for 6. After round 2 we found out that Soprano is skipping a short trip to Colombia, SC to see the #1 college football team in the land in order to visit his nephew at some school on Lake Hartwell. Apparently his nephew is the student body President of this school who wears orange. Pretty impressive. MH became TH after this new info became public and MC had a very MC spin on it. Repeat 20 MH/TH IC then onto the next episode. One last MH/TH set att he end for good measure
    • 3 Episodes: Merkins, air squats, CDD


  • all IC
  • LBS x 20
  • LF x 20
  • Box Cutter x 20
  • Pretzel Crunch x 10 per side
  • Freddy Mercury x 20
  • recover recover


  • welcome BigBird. Pulled and opposite of George and Wheezy. Didn’t move on up but moved on down from the palatial east side of 85 in Harrisburg to the slums of the west side of 85 in Concord. We’re glad your here to add some class to this ragtag bunch and hope you keep posting
  • prayer requests were at a minimum. My friend Lance is recovering on track from an extensive open heart procedure, still not totally out of the woods yet.
  • keep posting, keep a minimum keep treading water and not sinking. Every time you post it helps all those around you
  • HDHH tonight at Johnny Bruscos. sound off on slack
  • thanks for playing along and SYITG


Random Factoid Day: Earnhardt, Mays, Moon

8 men made it to The Ridge for a couple of AMRAP rounds of exercises.


  • Mosey across parking lot
  • Side straddle hop
  • Imperial storm trooper
  • Windmill
  • Burpees
  • Merkins
  • Mountain climbers
  • Air squats

The Thang

  • Mosey to staff parking lot
  • 1 minute each of:
    • Burpees
    • Hand release merkins
    • WW II situps
    • Side straddle hops
    • Mason twist
    • Carolina dry docks
    • Little baby crunch
    • Air squats
    • Mike Tysons
    • V-ups
  • Mosey back to student parking lot
  • 1 minute each of:
    • Pretzel crunch (left)
    • Pretzel crunch (right)
    • Flutter kick
    • Mountain climbers
    • Box cutters
    • Imperial storm troopers
    • Monkey humpers
    • Lunges
    • Jump squats
    • Burpees
  • Double-time back for Mary


    • LBC


Great work guys! Another beautiful morning for a workout.

  • Tar Tar, Escalade, Dr. Lecter, BearClaw – strong work as always!
  • Static – Great push…becoming a regular at these workouts!
  • Kojak – congrats of 12 hour grueling run at Kings Mountain last weekend
  • Exit 54 – Great job representing H’burg at BRR!

A few random factoids were shared amongst the Pax

  1. Dale Earnhardt drove the #2 car to NASCAR chanpionship in 1981 – Thanks Kojak!
  2. Willie Mays has the record for most extra inning home runs in MLB – Thanks Exit54!
  3. Australia is wide than the moon – YHC


Block by Block

Block by block
Q:     Finish line
AO:    OCT
Pax:   Bozeman, Luthor, Hipbone, Frostbite, Buzzkill, Indy, Catfish, Checkmate, Tombstone, PsychoT, Firechicken, FNG Brad, Slash, Mountie, Spud

Mosey around block of OCT stoping at corner store
– Warmup
–  15x side-straddle hops
– 15 4 count pushups
– 15 mountain climbers
– Stretch to right, middle , left

The Thang
Every exercise with block
5 curls
5 skull crushers
5 arm lifts
5 squats
5 bench press
Than run a lap and add 5 reps each lap
– Right and left arm stretch
– Chest stretch
– Right and left arm stretch
– Stretch to the right, down the middle , and to the Left
– Right and left quad stretch


Kept it simple
Glad we had a new guy (brad) out

Don’t let your past disqualify your future.

Let’s get better everyday as men , fathers and husbands.

Thank you for the time today .

Nado? Just say No.

Great temps this morning, we suffered through July for mornings like this.  Upper 50s, 9 PAX gathering, most with rucks.

PAX: Schnitzel, Life Alert, Love Seat, Manwich, Heatstroke, Sugar, Kumho, Wrong Way, Chachi

Date: 9/14/2022

Q: Schnitzel


Ruckers, all 7, launch.  Runners are off to the track.

YHC and @LifeAlert setup cones for suicides and begin the Cruise Nado.  Home is in the middle of the straightaway on the track.

  • Quadraphelia down and back.  10 merkins
  • Karyoke down and back.  10 merkins
  • 4 cone suicide into the field.  10 merkins
  • run lap.  10 merkins

Repeat, for a total of 5 cycles.  Head back, @LifeAlert reports 3 miles, plus 200 merkins, more than a few, less than a bunch.


Stretching, @LifeAlert reminiscing of past marathons, impressive.  Ruckers return.


That was probably the worst count off ever, but we finally got to 9.


Matt and Lance recovering from Kidney replacement and heart surgery.


Thanks for playing along @LifeAlert, wouldn’t want to do the solo Nado.  I did some research this morning before work, and in 1982, AFC Divisional playoff, Bengals beat Bills 28-21.  Players from that era, Joe Ferguson, Joe Cribbs, Cris Collinsworth, Pete Johnson, Ken Anderson etc.  Bills were just warming up for the early 90s run at multiple Super Bowl, er, appearances.

Enjoyed it this morning, fellas.


What a Beautiful Morning!

Pax:  Gamma, Starsky, Escalade, Mad Dog, Othello, Battery, Zin, Oz, Clueless, T Bone, Wexler

Q: Wexler

11 came out for a beautiful fall day to push themselves around the box.  This weather isn’t going to last long so get out and get stronger!


The Box Repeats

Run down to the box

Do a lap

  • Run hard on Leg 1, Easy on other three legs
  • Run hard on Leg 1/2, Easy on other two legs
  • Run hard on Leg 1/2/3, easy on last leg
  • Run hard all the way around
  • Cool Down run back to base


  • Starsky has the Quarry Run coming up
  • 10/22 – Runway 5k
  • Anonymous Prayers for a brother and his family
  • All Pro Dads at Hickory Ridge Elementary tomorrow at 7am


Awesome job everyone!  Looked like everyone was pushing it.  Hard not to with this weather.  Special shout out to Zin who was definitely moving faster and pushed himself to finish ‘one more lap.’ I always feel thats where the greatest growth comes from.  Going for that ‘one last lap.’


Thank you for allowing encouraging me, inspiring me, and allowing me to lead


Today’s Quote of the Day:  “Even a failure is exciting!”  Ivar Giaever, Norwegian American physicist


Dora 1, 2, almost 3

9 HIM (Sugar, MC, Life Alert, Clickbait, Peanuts, Vespa, LoveSeat, Soprano, and YHC) showed up as YHC picked up the Q at the evening before.

I wanted another attempt at Dora and I learned from my last attempt (


Run to the rock. All IC:

  • SSH – 10X
  • Merkins – 10X
  • MCs – 10X

Run to the football field. All IC:

  • Penny Pickers – 10X
  • Abe Vigoda – 10x


3rd attempt a leading a completion of Dora.

P1 does exercise while P2 runs the width of the field. Exercises are as follows:

  • Hand Release Merkins – 100X
  • WWII – 200X
  • Squats – 300X
  • WWII – 200X
  • Hand Release Merkins– 100X <– stopped here, more in the moleskin

We picked up Big Bird about 1/2 way through the WWII. I picked him as my partner as I’d been shadowing MC.

Mosey back to AO.

  • Pretzel Crunch (10X IC each side)
  • LBC (10X IC)


The last time we did this – we didn’t finish, but we got a lot further this time than the previous 2 attempts (he was the first time I Qed that:

Here’s the thing: we can complete Dora. I followed my own advice this time and changed up the exercises (it was 100x Burpees, 200x WWIIs, and 300x Merkins) and we got a lot further. The adjustment I would suggest is to move this to the front of the school and use the front parking lot in lieu of the field.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interest of others.
—Philippians 2:3-4

Straight Stealing a Workout

QIC: Grandmaster

PAX: Backdraft, Big Tuna, Ricochet

On Tuesday we lift (somewhat) heavy stuff. Not wanting to repeat his last two Tuesday workouts, YHC found himself at a loss for an original idea. So, the best way to look good is to impersonate someone who looks good. Not saying he looks good, but Cupid’s “Escape the Deck” workout is always a crowd pleaser. So, I stole the idea. I did at least change up the exercises. It went something like this:

Climb stairs, weight in hand, to top level of the deck for some SSHs and arm circles to warm up. Then perform 12 reps of the exercises, stacking a new exercise at each level. The movements were:

Chest Press, Squat, Weighted LBCs, Curls, Pullovers, Belgian Split Squats (6 each leg), KGBs (12 each side), Shoulder press, Dead lift, Freddy Mercurys.

Once again we failed to escape the deck. We finished on level 2A with level 1B and 1A left, lunges and burpees respectively.  However, everyone was sweating despite the mid-60s temps. So, we’ll call it a good workout.

COT: Prayers for traveling PAX.

MOLESKIN: Thanks for the push guys. Don’t forget the IPC tomorrow morning. Gonna be a good one.

In HIS Service,


Belle Ringer and Nipple Erasers

With 400% attendance 14 of Harrisburgs greatest posted today to hit the Belle Ringer.  A few may have lost a nipple or two.

PAX:  Battery, Mad Dog, Othello, Practice, Gamma, Zen, Exit 54, Tbone, Clueless, Wexler, Oz, Sheepdog, Tartar, Escalade

Q: Escalade

This was week 2 of the Iron Pax Challenge.   As many reps as possible for a full 45 min.

Star formation with 5 cones and start in the middle.
In the center   5 Man Makers each time.  Rifle carry to each station. Farmer carry back.
Station 1       10 Worn Out Worthy “Lateral Extension”
Station 2       15 Goblet Squats
Station 3.      20 Tricep Extension
Station 4.      25 KB Swing
Station 5.      30 Curls
Total 125 reps each time around the star.



  1. Normally you can expect 80% of RSVP’s to actually show.   Throw a coupon party at Harrisburg F3 and you will get 400% attendance.  Luckily YHC anticipated a few extras and we had enough Coupons and Kettlebells for everyone.
  2. Thank You to the guys that helped put the coupons back at the shed.  Truly, the worst part of this workout.  Many hands made light work.
  3. Some great chatter today.  The PAX was not short of comments or comic relief.
  4. Coupons don’t come with a weight stamped on the side but its right at 35 lbs.
  5. Thanks for putting up with Escalades Mix tape.   It’s just random awesomeness..  Tom Petty, Van Halen, Creed, Bush, White Stripes, Led Zeppelin, The Cult, even a little Lynyrd Skynyrd…
  6. Prayers for Deadhead and a speedy recovery.  2 weeks max.

Have a blessed day!


  • Escalade

World Famous Golf Champ Beatdown

QIC: World Champion member-guest golfer…aka Fire Chicken
Pax: LMU, Pyscho-T, PR, Scoot, Deer Tick, Tomby, Luthor, Popeye, Cat, Spud,

Warm-up: all pax on time…including PR…mosey to rehab parking lot for lots of chatter and:
SSH’s IC X 25
Loose Change IC x 10
IST’s IC x 15
Arm circles forward/backward
Mosey back to AO’s upper parking lot and grab a coupon

The Thang: complete 1 rotation as a group and then OYO
Starting at 10 for all exercises, except dips at 20, dropping by 1 each time (2 for dips) circuit as follows

1)Crazy Curls (lower half/upper half/full curl) at upper lot
2)Hand release merks at rear parking lot
4)Burpees at front entrance
5)Dips at benches

Mary called around 0510

Mary…lbc’s, dying cockroaches, freddy merks, and deer ticks…in his honor

Prayers/announcements: different pax going through struggles…Tomby’s baby momma, marlboro’s new born and wife.

Moleskin: nice tuesday morning group…lots of chatter turned to grunts/mumbles at the first burpee rotation…QIC promised these were on the docket prior to being made fun of on slack.  Lower 60’s still brought out the sweat with the high humidity, can’t wait for some real fall weather.  Most made it around for at least 5 rotations which should’ve gotten all pax north of 2.5 miles as well.  This was the beatdown of a past world famous member-guest champ…heavy on upper body with some cardio and light ab work mixed in.  Now you others that strive for a similar title now know what to do :-).

On a personal note it was nice to get back to leading a beatdown as the last month and a half or so it hasn’t been fun dealing with the nagging hip injury but like most things in life…”this too shall pass” even-though it’s not fun while you’re in the middle of it.  But like most things in life it’s easier going through hard times when you have people around you…appreciate all you guys!

Always an honor!

Fire Chicken