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F3 MeCa | March 5, 2021

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Porto’s Pre_Bday Bash

March 3, 2021 |

7 Dawgs showed up to play for my Pre_Bday party, and yes there were some burpees…@big Blue would have enjoyed it …so I was told. Well YHC made it just in time and arrived at exactly 5:30 AM and the … Read More

Jack and Mary – Quite Contrary!

March 3, 2021 |

The gloom was good this morning. No rain on site, which was a good omen for the beatdown.

At 0530, I gave the disclaimer and we were off for a short mosey around the parking lot and return back to … Read More

FOTI Warmup aka Car up/back/turning

March 3, 2021 |

13 of Harrisburg’s speediest runners posted this morning to get a little better. YHC reviewed the routing and at 0530 we launched.


The Thang


Run to the Harris Depot Hill with a few options:

1. Run the hill … Read More

26 Flags Over Concord

March 2, 2021 |

For those that missed the 65 degree weather on Monday, you got winter again as 13 posted in the gloom.

High Knee and Butt Kickers through parking lot, frogger across Branchview and mosey to Gold’s Gym to show’m how its … Read More

2100 Reps at the Stone

March 2, 2021 |

A dozen of The Stone’s toughest men came out for today’s beatdown.  They were joined by two visiting studs from AO’s afar.  Welcome Big Country from Kannon and Gulfstream from Highlands (I think?).  For a brief moment … Read More

Good Lord Sir Topham…get it right!

March 2, 2021 |

YHC woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed in the gloom for my Harrisburg VQ.  Little did I know I would try to screw the hold thing up on the exercise call out!  Dredd would not be happy with me … Read More


March 2, 2021 |

YHC rolled into the parking lot at 5:25 this morning to find both @disaster and @shazam already on-site. YHC then struck fear into the hearts of many — well, mainly @disaster — by pulling a multi-page Weinke from the truck … Read More

It only gets easier

March 2, 2021 |

YHC grabbed the open Q spot yesterday and planned to use it to continue HTL training so that’s what worked out.  Two others, 1 confirmed Rucker and 1 very curious future Rucker, joined YHC at The Sandlot to get a … Read More


March 2, 2021 |

well look at this a clammy morning in the gloom, could this be the first day of many squid shirt wringing’s, one thing is for sure the numbers are up and the workouts better in the absence of a certain … Read More

4 for a full beatdown, 1 for a 3/4 beatdown, and a visit from @Gump

March 2, 2021 |

YHC showed up at 6:20 for to Q the 6:30 am beatdown and could see some of the remaining mumblechatter from the 5:30 am beatdown.  @pony boy stopped to say hello and informed YHC that FNG Josh was now @floppy … Read More