Back Blasts

Shots Fired

AO: F3Dawghouse
Q: Honey Do
PAX: Buck, Cowbell, Grassy Knoll, Honey Do
FNGs: None
4 Got their week off on the right foot. A couple complaints about forgetting to cut the heat on this morning, but I got you later in the week, request has been put in. Topics of skinny jeans, thoughts on tights at workouts (3 of 4 were wearing them with the 1 detractor taking a shot at the other 3), and necessity of leg days.

WARMUP: Haul your weight to the tennis courts.
Hillbillies x10
Penny Pickers x10
Toy Soldiers x10
Arm Circles

3 sets, 4 exercises, 3 rounds. Do 5 reps of each, then 10, then 15, do a lap around the courts for recovery, and move onto the next set.

Set 1:
Toe Taps
High Rows

Set 2:
Kickstand Squats (no they’re not the same as Lunges)
Calf Raises

Set 3:
Overhead Squats (each side, yes this sucked)
Sumo Squats
Tricep Extensions

Still have a few minutes, so a quick 2-10 ladder with Merkins and Atomic Crunches

Pretzel Crunch x10
LBC x15
Superman Holds x6
A little stretchy stretchy for the last 4ish minutes

FOTI – Saturday
Street Cleanup – Next Saturday
Yard work at Amway’s – The following Saturday

Prayers for Cowbell’s Son, Buckland family



Q: Mountie

PAX: Scooter Neverland Popeye Tombstone Mayhem Catfish Spud Homeland Total Package Loveboat Mountie

10 left OCT.

11 made it back.

Warmup: Mosey to BGC for some SSH and some good stretching. Open up your hips!

Mosey to Forest Hills: Reverse crunches, KGB, and low flutter, run to other side of lot for star jumps


Then Skinner’s Route 66:  10 merkins at every street light heading south into town

Mosey to the Windstream pull up bars: hit those and then mosey to the bottom of the 5/3 lot for more ab work


Mosey to Skinner’s Hills: hit them with 15 dips at the bottom.

Mosey back to OCT

Some Cobra and shut it down

Look. If you Q enough, you’re bound to miss a shot, jump offsides, or sit in the penalty box in some way. That was today! Lots of mistakes that I will own.

It started with my new work out pants. I was out of the car 1 minute before the roasting started.

“Mountie, are you laughing on the inside but crying on the inside??”

Yes. Yes because I have 3 damn pairs and they aren’t cool. Crap!

Then I called a much needed audible on Route 66 because there ended up being way more merkins involved than anticipated. However, the audible was not heard by everyone. I failed to make sure everyone was was caught up. Crap!

Then I messed up counting exercises. Then my cadence was way off. Then there was too many miles.  That lead to a couple of PAX heading back early.

And of course I had to mess up name-o-rama.

So thanks for the forgiveness lesson today, guys.  We are ALL forgiven!

Mileage was between 4-4.5.

Hopefully by the time you read this, the spy ballon will be destroyed.

Destroyed. And swept under a rug.

Nothing to see here.


Frozen Rope – not just a baseball term anymore

Date: 02/04/23
Pax: Battery, Zin, DT, Minion, Constitution, Talladega, Escalade, Gamma
QIC: Gamma

Eight men who couldn’t make The Gremlin still honored the man by giving their all, as Champions would.


Warm-up lap around the 1/2 track, with four stops for:
SSHs x15
Low Slow Air Squats x10
Mountain Climbers x10

Then up to the shelter for the main event

Spread out to one of 10 stations. One guy runs out, down around the lot and back while the rest do the stated exercise. When he returns, next guy runs and the rest rotate to the next station. Continue until you’ve done all ten stations. Two more full rounds with slightly shorter runs. Stations were:
Wide Incline Mericans
KB Curls
KB Triceps Extensions
Diamond Mericans
Heels to Heaven
Battle Rope

Had some time to spare, so went with a Mini “Kojak” – 5 Burpees at the shelter, run down Heartrate Hill, 5 Burpees at the bottom, then back up to the shelter for 5 more Burpees.

Collect all the toys and head back to the launch point for Mary.

LBCs x20
Flutter Kicks x20
5 minutes of stretching

COT – special prayers for the Pinto family

1. Thanks for posting. Wasn’t sure how many we’d get with The Gremlin today.

2. ProTip: if you plan to use a Battle Rope, might not want to let it sit in the rain, then leave it outside in freezing temps.

3. Another ProTip: pick the Burpee station when Talladega is running

4. Final ProTip: a 2004 Nissan Leaf is an anti-theft deterrent unto itself. Apparently you can just leave the keys in it and no one will steal it. With the window down. And the car running. Next to a prison.

5. Great effort by all. We got around two miles and a whole lotta reps

6. I’m going to continue to include a little stretching at the end of my Q’s. After all, we’re not getting any younger. When it warms up a bit, may revive Warrior One on Wednesdays if there’s enough interest, or at least a Road-Warrior-One hybrid.

7. Great times at coffee as usual. Highlight was learning Dr. Johnson has a 2-for-1 sale on braces right now….

8. Including the 7 at The Gremlin, a $75 donation is being made to Solo Cup’s Big Brothers Big Sisters bowling team. Sounds like the team itself is full, but donations are still being accepted. It’s a great cause and every bit helps.

9. Need some Qs for next week. It’s not hard, and plenty of us are willing to co-Q if you haven’t led before and aren’t comfortable yet.


Kettlebell Strong Style

DATE: 02/03/23
PAX: Bonvoy, SS Minnow, Wexler, Gamma, Solocup, TarTar, Bearclaw, Kojak
Q: Hacksaw

9 total HIM’s knocked it out for a Kettlebell Squared Circle that had the PAX talking!

7-Calf Raises

The Thang
Round 1
Tabata- 45 sec on, 15 off
Overhead Press
Tricep Ext
Static Hold Overhead
Shoulder to Shoulder

Round 2
Bent over Rows
Figure 8
Bent over Rows/Curls
Figure 8/Curls

Round 3
Lunge-any style
Calf Raises
Squats-any style
High Knees

Round 4
Chest Press

10-Pretzel Crunch

Name and count a rama, COT

• Gremlin tomorrow, still need a Q for Saturday
• FOTI Feb 11
• BBBS Bowling in March
• Harrisburg 5K on April 29

• Plenty of hard work today, along with plenty of chatter. Request was out for music, YHC had his speaker but did not break it out, worried about the Tabata timer working, I think it will work!
• Several PAX had interesting comments about the YHC choice of Tabata exercise and some redundancy? Kojak said “Sign Up, Genius” and you can craft your own, although he had some snarky comments also! Laughter abounded along with doing the work.
• Will take some of the comments and use in later Kettlebell Q’s, possibly Feb 10
• Excellent times at coffeeteria, glad to see Oz and Talladega join the insanity!

Unspoken and spoken prayers, stay safe, watch out for one another, and reach out to brothers who have not seen in a while.

Proud and honored to always lead!

A ladder for BC followed by a little competition

AO: F3Kannon
Q: Risky Business
PAX: backdraft, Big Country, ChopSaw, Grandmaster, schnitzel, Sir Topham Hatt, Squid
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH’s, IST’s, BSN’s and Arm Circles
THE THANG: Pax started with a 20-2 ladder (merkins-squats), then did a core session which involved 30 IC Freddie Mercs, 30 IC Flutter Kicks, 30 WWII’s, 30 IC Mountain Climbers, 30 IC LBC’s. Finisher was a 1 mile fun run, pax were encouraged to set a goal and push themselves to beat it.
COT: Prayers for David Buckland and family, praise for the Lord’s protection over my brother in his wreck yesterday.

The Ratchet

AO: F3Dawghouse
Q: Dawghouse MASH
PAX: Buck, Honey Do, Loveboat, Spaz, Ticonderoga, turbine, yellowcake, Dawghouse MASH
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Mosey around parking lot, to tennis courts for SSHs, Breeze Mills (slow windmills), Penny Pickers, Arm Circles. Mosey to block pile, obtain 1 block ea. and carry to side of JMRHS parking lot.
THE THANG: Working in pairs, we all start at one side of the parking lot.
One guy does an exercise at the starting line for as long as it takes for the other guy to do his exercise.
Round 1:
Mate 1: do LBCs at starting line;
Mate 2: do 8 Abyss Merkins, carry both blocks to next parking-lot row, run back to starting line.
Swap exercises.
Mate 2: do LBCs at starting line;
Mate 1: run to blocks, do 8 Abyss Merkins, carry both blocks to next parking-lot row, run back to starting line.
Swap again.
Mate 1: LBCs at pivot line;
Mate 2: run to blocks, 8 Abyss Merkins, advance both blocks to next parking-lot row, run back to starting line.
So on and so on. Each cycle the blocks get advanced a little farther away, the runs stretch out and the starting-line exercise gets longer, too.
Once the blocks make it all the way to the far side, reverse the process, bringing them closer one row at a time.
Round 2:
Same process as above, with Plank Jacks (starting line) and 12 single-block curls (advancing block).
Round 3:
Pretzel Crunches and 12 Overhead Presses. (Modification: the Pretzel Crunch station migrated along with the Overhead Press station as we worked our way back toward the block pile.

MARY: 2 min Abs of Habs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Gremlin tomorrow 2/4; FOI 2/11; Adopt-a-Highway cleanup 2/18.
COT: David @ family, Loveboat’s M

Snarky Title?

AO: F3Afton
Q: Slash
PAX: hop_hunter, bigblue, Kokomo, Zacchaeus, Opie, Moolah, Geppetto, Model T, Iron City
FNGs: None
We had 8 runners and 2 ruckers. Opie showed off his new bullet proof tactical ruck vest. Runners braved the peaks of Old Mount Afton. Ruckers went their own way. Everyone made it back. Thanks men for coming out this morning!


– The Gemlin is tomorrow (6a-12p)
– Chili cook-off at the wine room is tomorrow (3p)…Geppetto and Audit will be competing. Come out and show your support!

Prayer requests:

– the Butler family, the Rivers family, and the Pinto family.

Oh, deer! That was awesome!

AO: F3Highlands
Q: Poutine
PAX: Dogpound, Powerball
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Cross country skiers, downhill skiers, prisoner squats. Penny Picker, Peter Larker and Smurf Jack.
THE THANG: Agility ladder, jump rope, resistance bands, Cone drills
MARY: stretching
ANNOUNCEMENTS: February 18 Adopt-A-Street clean up. Last Call will be at Highland Creek Middle 7:00-8:00 followed by our community project. Bring the Ms and 2.0s.
COT:. Prayers for those who couldn’t be here for various reasons.