Author: The Nanny

F3 Dads Camping – Summer 2020

The MeCa F3 Dads Camping Trip is having it’s 6 year anniversary this year!  That’s right, we’ve been getting dads and their 2.0’s out into the woods since 2015.  There’s been prehistoric sized snake encounters, there have been yellow jacket swarm attacks, and even an epic night time bear visit.  We’ve had kids laughing, crying, […]

MSR & Glock’s Performance Pregnancy Nutrition Plan

20 pax eagerly sought the cool embrace of a high pressure weather system equipped gloom and still managed to sweat just a bit. The Thang: Hey let’s do Millstream Repeats!! Departures of 5:10, 5:15, and 5:30. The Naked Moleskin: Saw Shazam headed for the Millstream Proving Grounds on my drive into our AO this morning.  […]