Author: The Farm

Chilly Post Christmas Run at The Valley

The Thang: Four men ran 6.4 – 17 miles this morning. COT/BOM Freezing but also sweaty moleskin: This morning as I went through my usual morning routine, I wondered who all would show up to log some miles with YHC. I wouldn’t have blamed men for sleeping in this morning. Let’s be honest…waking up to […]

Six Years of F3!

Seven speedsters sought slower, long miles. Sterling and Laser, the two men who had expressed interest in running, had not yet shown. Laser sent a text, but crickets from Sterling. Someone mentioned that he’d probably be rolling in as we were leaving so we gave him a few minutes and did a little dynamic stretching […]

The Valley Travels To Highlands

8 hard chargers got an early morning dose of speed this morning. The workout was as follows: 1.5 Mile Warm Up 4 X 10-15 second strides (quick sprints, light jog between) 4X1 Miles (threshold pace) 2-3 minutes light rest between intervals Cool Down to 7 Miles (easy pace) Everyone put in a good morning’s work […]

Swimming Through The Valley

…is what 8 men did this morning. After a few scattered thunderstorms yesterday, the air was THICK. There were points of the run where we could literally see the water droplets in the air…although that might’ve come from the sprinklers that MANY homeowners forgot to turn off but that’s irrelevant! YHC has not officially Q’d […]

Monday Jumpstart!

What better way to bond with your brothers than to ask them to meet 15 min early (5:15am) to run 24 laps around a track before the sun rises? Well, six men including YHC thought it was a good idea…although only five of them posted. YHC arrived a little early to do a warm-up walking […]

Pool Ready Workout

11 men decided that since this was the first official workout of the summer at Davis Lake, it was time to get our bodies pool ready…correction – YHC decides this and the other 10 men followed my lead. It went down like this. Warm-o-rama Three mile pre-run with @2Step (fat burning pace so the muscles […]