Author: Starsky

Keep your head on a Swivel

It’s getting gloomier in the morning now that fall is coming.  The sunrise is later and later but that makes for decent temps.  The I-phone hits 5:30am so off we went. Moving Warmorama Run to Raging Ridge Road – 20x SSH Run to visitor entrance – 20x SSH Run to front of the school – […]

OG Reboot

12 men decided to take advantage of the crisp June morning and come out for an OG beatdown.  YHC was shamed into being the Q since he had not led a workout in almost a year.  Looking at my Gucci it was about that time, so off we went. STOP COLLABORATE AND LISTEN Mosey around […]

Tabata Beatdown

YHC woke up another year older today and decided that Tabata would be the best way to start a new year.  I was joined by 10 of Harrisburg’s finest for the celebration.  5:30am on the watch let’s roll and loosely follow the below. Warm-o-rama Mosey to the end the ball field: SSH x 21 Windmill […]

Joker’s Wild

15 men stepped into the relatively low humidity of August to see what Joker’s Wild is all about.  YHC thought about bringing out Snoop Dog’s version but quickly realized that would result in a mutiny so instead, off we went. Warmup Run to Raging Ridge Road dodging the latecomers. 20 SSH Run to the first school […]

There’s Gold in them Hills

YHC saw that the temperature was going to be just about right for a morning run.  Luckily no one had yet signed up as the Q.  As YHC awoken, he found out a miserable fact:  Larry Sprinkle lies.  It was not 50 degrees and thus was below YHC threshold workout conditions however YHC pushed on. The Thang Straight out […]


10 men stepped out on a nice, low humidity August morning to tackle the Pitchfork.  We all knew the route, disclaimer given (please always watch for cars!) and we were off.  Most of the pax completed at least 2 1/2 circuits equating to around 4.3 miles and above for the fast guys.   Plenty of […]

Looking for the Pot of Gold

9 Lads took a humid journey this morning to see what the leprechaun was hiding. The Thang: Shamrock Road course Meet back with Warrior One for COT: COT: Special prayers with @dicktracy and @flipphone both of who lost family members over the past week. King Tiger 5k Saturday Need for Speed race on July 7th […]

Lucky Charms

9 Lads and 2 dogs hopped out of the bed to see if there was gold at the end of the rainbow.  There was not but we pushed ourselves to just make sure. The Thang From AO Left on Professional Right on Town Center Road Right on Carl Palmer Cross Hwy 49 frogger style onto Saddle […]