Author: SoloCup

Iron Q Day 6: B.L.I.M.P.S.

3 studs chose not to take the easy way out with the Mt Afton Challenge and joined YHC on the final day of his Iron Q. Here’s how it all went down: PAX: Escalade, Constitution, Dick Tracy, Solo Cup Q: Solo Cup Warm Up Slow mosey to the entrance to Z-Max Blvd SSH x 15 […]

Iron Q Day 5: 10 Minutes of Pain

14 Brave men honored YHC with their presence, enjoyed the smooth sounds of 90’s Grunge rock, and endured a brutal circuit workout dubbed “10 Minutes of Pain.” Here’s the details: Pax: Kojak, Bonvoy, Battery, Bearclaw, TarTar, Wexler, Papa John, Clueless, Exite54, SS Minnow, Othello, Gamma, Zin, SoloCup Q: SoloCup Warm Up SSH X 15 Hill […]

Iron Q Day 4: Cardinal’s V-Q

1/12/2023 15 HIM came to support YHC and Honor the life of @Cardinal.  Here’s how it went down: Pax: Wexler, T-bone, Gamma, Gulfstream, Othello, Bonvoy, Kojak, Zin, Hacksaw, Peppa, Battery, Deadhead, TarTar, Exit54, SoloCup Q: Cardinal Warm up SSH x 15 Tempo Merkins x 10 Flutter Kicks x 10 Little Baby Arm Circles (Forward/Backward) x […]

Iron Q Day 3: The Iron Rings

12 Men stepped up to the Iron Rings Challenge early this Chilly morn. Here’s how it went down: Pax: Exit 54, 10 Cent, Dr Lector, Banjo Boy, Kojak, Othello, Deadhead, Bonvoy, Segundo, Dud, Solo Cup Q: Solo Cup The Thang One mile mosey to Town Hall Lap 1 all you got around the first block, […]

Iron Q Day 2: Happy Birthday Sam

1/10/2023 11 chilly studs, burst into the brisk gloom to support YHC on his second day as the Iron Q. Here’s how it all went down. Pax: Bonvoy, Deadhead, Escalade, Othello, Banjo Boy, Bearclaw, Papa John, SS Minnow, JD, Battery, Solo Cup Q Solo Cup Warm up Mosey to the Drop off entrance SSH x […]

Iron Q Day 1: The Deconstructed Burpee

1/9/2023 14 ragged souls emerged from the foggy gloom to support YHC on his first day as the Iron Q. Nothing fancy, just 4 exercises and some running. Here’s the deets: Pax: Bearclaw, Hotdog, Bonvoy, Segundo, Peppa, Othello, Gamma, Wexler, Dr. Lector, Kojak, Dick Tracy, Zin, Solo Cup Q: Solo Cup The Thang 1 Mile […]

Easy Like Tuesday Morning

12 studsicles, braved the frigid Harrisburg Gloom for a nice easy recovery day for the triumphant return of the sickly and anemic members of the PAX. Here’s the details: Pax: Bearclaw, Hotdog, BanjoBoy, Battery, Gamma, SS Minnow, Deadhead, TarTar, Othello, Wexler, Exit54, SoloCup Q: SoloCup Warm up Quick Mosey, SSH x 15 Quick Mosey, HillBillies […]