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F3 MeCa | August 7, 2020

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Secret Codes!

August 6, 2020 |

23 Men including a few FNGs, had no time for fun and games and cracked the code to excellence!  Here’s how it went down!

Warm up

  • 15 SSH
  • 15 Loose Change
  • 15 Windmills

The Thang THE CODE

Mosey … Read More

Schweddy Loops

July 22, 2020 |

15 men stepped into the Schweddy Mornin’ Gloom to participate in the World Famous Harrisburg Road Warrior.  This was YHC’s not so triumphant return to running since his embarrassing performance at the Extinction Run.  Several hadn’t seen the Slack preblast, … Read More

Deconstruct This!

July 21, 2020 |

13 men, worked together this morning to deconstruct the simple burpee.  Here’s how it went down:


Mosey to the Suicide lot

Circle Up

  • SSH x 15
  • IST x 15
  • Windmill x 15

Mosey to the Practice

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The Burg’s Fittest Fatties

July 20, 2020 |

6 of the Burg’s Biggest and Best, made it out to the CircuitBreaker for what seemed like a good idea on paper.  Here’s the deets:

The Thang

4 rounds

  • .25 (ish) mile run
  • 25 squats
  • 25 push ups
  • 25 … Read More

Easy Does it

June 11, 2020 |

15 men decided to take it easy, and join YHC for a No Frills, Minimal Fluff, Beatdown at The Ridge.

Here’s how it went down:

Warm Up

Mosey on up to the Suicide Lot

9 Minutes

June 5, 2020 | 1

15 Men dared to get better this morning with a full on 9 Minute Chibatta Kettlebell Beatdown

Warm Up

Mosey to the Top of the lot

  • 10 Burpees
  • Mt Climbers x 15
  • SSH x 20

Mosey to the … Read More

Kojak and the Ruck-A-Thon

June 1, 2020 |

As many of you know, our man @Kojak, who is one tough Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Officer, took it upon himself to do a 24 hour ruck on Memorial Day Weekend on the monotonous one tenth mile track in Harrisburg’s Veterans Park … Read More

The World Is Your Oyster

May 14, 2020 |

8 Men, with varied backgrounds and of questionable virtues, seized the opportunity to get better in the Harrisburg Gloom.

Warm Up

  • 20 Mt Climbers
  • 20 IST
  • 20 Windmills

The Thang

Mosey to First Station

A String of Pearls

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Gettin’ Lucky

March 4, 2020 | 2

11 Men entered the murky Gloom, with only a few headlights and their somewhat limited wits.  Most, having not reviewed the preBlast, had no idea of the route. Lucky for them, it was just Shamrock Loop.

Here’s the details:

RoadWarrior … Read More

Misty Morning Hop

February 26, 2020 |

10 Men, with steely-eyed determination and ignoring the aroma wafting from the direction of #TheDawghouse took the path less traveled on a foggy February morn.  Here’s an account of their journey:

Road Warrior:

  • Left onto Physicians Blvd
  • Right … Read More