Author: SoloCup

Fatty’s Lament

8 bona fide Studs and YHC gathered in the cool, Crisp, Gloom to get a little better this morn. Here’s how it all went down: Pax: UncleFloyd, SSMinnow, Othello, Constitution, Exith54, TarTar, GoldRush, SoloCup QIC: SoloCup Warm Up Mosey on over to the entrance to the school drop-off SSH x 15 Mosey on up to […]

No Eye Contact or Why Hasn’t He Called?

8 chiseled studs gathered in the gloom to get little better. Here’s how they started their day. Pax: Gamma, Uncle Floyd, CPAP, Exit54, Lugnut, Constitution, Papa John, SoloCup QIC: SoloCup Warm Up The Usual SSH x 15 Hillbillies x 15 (Go AppState!) Windmills Mosey to the Traffic Circle The Thang Ladder/Pyramid(ish) 5 Burpees, Run the […]

Shine On Your Brother

9 High Impact Men (HIMs) supported one another on their journey to getting a little better this morning.  Here’s how it all went down. Pax: JD, SS Minnow, Gold Rush, Mad Dog, Constitution, Red Tape, Exit 54, Uncle Floyd, Solo Cup QIC: Solo Cup Warm Up Mosey to the Relay Lot SSH x 15 Hill […]

Watch out for that Curb!

10 studs broke free in the unusually cool crisp August Gloom to shed the chains of mediocrity and get a little better.  Here’s the details Pax: Bucky, Lugnut, Dr Lector, SS Minnow, Eagle Eye, Constitution, Zin, Uncle Floyd, SoloCup Q: SoloCup Warmup Mosey to the relay lot SSH x 15 Hillbillies x 15 (Go AppState!) […]

10 Years of Magnificence

10 uncommon men joined YHC to celebrate 10 years of Magnificence in F3 Harrisburg. Here’s how it went down: Pax: JD, SS Minnow, Constitution, Othello, Red Tape, TarTar, Bear Claw, Uncle Floyd, Zin, SoloCup QIC: SoloCup Warm Up Mosey to the Relay lot SSH x 10 Hillbillies  x 10 (Go App State!) Windmills x 10 […]

Dr. Lector’s Weak A$$

8 Magnificent studs, managed to clear away the debris from last nights brutal storm and make their way to #TheRidge to suffer through an #OnTheFly #Sweatfest hosted by yours truly.  Here’s the deets: Pax: Gamma, Murtaugh, TarTar, Othello, Dr. Lector, Minion, Deadhead, SoloCup QiC: SoloCup Warm Up Slow Mosey to the Relay Lot SSH x […]

Rollin’ Hot on the Miracle Mile

10 Bonafide studs, and @BanjoBoy, got a little better this morning with a Miracle Mile workout at #ThaRidge. Here’s how it went down. Pax: Banjo Boy, Exit54, Gamma, Zin, Constitution, Othello, Uncle Floyd, Wexler, Tar Tar, CPAP, Solo Cup Q: Solo Cup *Your Boy rolls in hot, cussin’ mad Warm Up Mosey to the Lower […]


8 bonafide studs resisted the urge to converge at Comanche and joined YHC for a full body Beatdown at #ThaRidge. It went a little something like this: Pax: Gamma, Starsky, Bearclaw, TarTar, Goldrush, Mad Dog, Constitution, SoloCup Q: SoloCup Warm up SSH x 6 IST x 6 Windmill x 6 Repeato x 4 The Thang Mosey to the ball field parking lot Merkin […]

For The Children

Just like the Wu, F3 Harrisburg is for the children and 15(ish) men joined YHC in support of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Cabarrus County.  Here’s how it went down: PAX: That’s not really important.  Silver Sneakers represented well Q: Your Boy Warm Up Mosey to the lower lot SSH x 15 Hillbillies x 15 […]

Circuit Breaker: Studs Only

9 gluttons for punishment, sobered up from their respective Super Bowl parties, and slowly made their way to Percent Taphouse to take on the Burpee Mile Challenge.  Here’s how it all went down: Pax: Gamma, SS Minnow, Mad Dog, Othello, Peppa, Bear Claw, Kojak, Talladega, Solo Cup Q: Solo Cup The Thang Burpee Mile Run […]