Author: Thomas DeBoyace

Just what the doctor ordered

Sir Topham (the doctor) ordered a round of medicine to be picked up at Walgreens this morning. we had 1 biker, 2 ruckers and 8 runners today. Squid took off as he was in a big hurry to fight off whatever fungus he was battling. Risky was chatting it up with The Bigh Show. Heisenberg […]

QIC was dependable as always and early. Mash was dependable and early as always. We were talking and then we realized it was 5:30 and no one else had arrived. QIC had planned some nice partner work where there was no counting so you could chat it up on a Friday while working hard. But […]

Speed Demons

9 other pax joined QIC for a fast and humid run day on his day 4 of iron Q. Our Engines got hot quick!! We had 4 bikers – Yellowcake, Turbine, R2D2 and Spaz. We had 6 runners – Sir Topham, Uecker, Honey Do, Mash, Pharaoh and Hop Hunter with zero ruckers. The bikers wouldn’t […]

Summer School Sucks!

It was a glorious morning for a Dawghouse beatdown and 5 others felt the same way.  Heeee’s baaaaaack! Even had a Ticonderoga sighting. even an injured Ticonderoga didn’t have excuses today. Day 3 of iron Q was a day of summer school. The disclaimer was given and we took off! waramorama: 12 SSH, 12 IST, […]

Hill Yeah

10 other runners, ruckers and bikers joined the QIC for a 45 minute peak to peak day. It was great to see Loveboat back and still very strong. Running the hills like it was nothing. Hop hunter and sterling also looked strong as always. QIC tried sprinting up the hills….which proved to be a little […]

So small yet so heavy

2 other pax members joined QIC for his VQ kettle bell beatdown at the infamous Dawghouse. QIC knew numbers would be light with some recovering from insane weekend workout events and others on vacation. But it was no surprise to see the MQ and the master of posts himself, Mash! I gave the disclaimer and […]

Lazy KTown Tour

9 other pax members joined the QIC for a tour of Ktown. Some areas great….some not so much. Squid, Big Country, Gunny,The Burgh, Steel Canno, Phidipidees, Cupid, look me up and Grandmaster. It was a hot and humid summer Saturday morning in Ktown. We mosey off and took off toward the loop. Stopped for warmarama […]

Call them out and they will come!

QIC made what most would call a long pre-blast. But….it seemed to motivate the pax!  We had. 13 strong today. Ruckers were Gunny, loafer, Grandmaster and Big Tuna. Runners were QIC, Heisenberg, The Burgh, The Big Show, Big Country, Cupid, Squid, Look me up and Backdraft A good strong showing and I think everyone got […]

Bookends of Pain

What a glorious morning! I pull into school parking lot and couldn’t believe the amount of lights of cars…oh wait those are cop cars. Is this big country on the ground?!?  Nah, Concords Finest was doing some dog training. Even they left before the workout started. That’s how awesome F3 is!  7 other pax members […]

Pick a side!

12 other ruckers, runners and bikers joined QIc for a heart hearth run day! Bikers were Buck, R2d2 and Spaz Runners were Loveboat, Hop Hunter, sterling, Talladega, Mash, Slidejob, Big Country and Sir Topham Ruckers were Torch and HoneyDo Directions were given that it was an apartment run and QIC didn’t bring his watch. So […]