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F3 MeCa | May 22, 2019

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Tax Day Penalty

April 15, 2019 |

Tax Day and it was time to pay a penalty!  Last time YHC used this beatdown, the PAX had some feedback about how sore they were.  So alas, let’s run it again.  Slow is smooth.  PAX arrived, disclaimer given and … Read More

Ode to Loveseat

March 6, 2019 | | One Comment

YHC first needs to give T-Claps to Loveseat for helping a brother out.  YHC signed up for a Q later in the month and due to a work commitment, had to ask for a bailout.  Loveseat stepped up and switched … Read More


February 27, 2019 | | 2 Comments

YHC signed up for his birthday Q, which happened to fall on a Satisfaction Cruise day.  Shovel flag planted and 10 PAX (8 runners including YHC and 2 ruckers) launched at 0530 sharp.  YHC chose the “P” route because its … Read More

Deck of Death

January 21, 2019 | | One Comment

YHC had a great idea to commemorate the MLK holiday and had planned for a special themed beatdown.  Alas, too much celebrating over the weekend during championship playoffs had YHC Q’ing in recovery and on the fly.  Deck of death … Read More

Christmas Cheer

December 24, 2018 | | One Comment

Merry Christmas (Eve) PAX!  As Santa must travel around the world to spread Christmas cheer, so must the PAX to receive Christmas cheer.  So, for this KB beatdown, the PAX went mobile around the world (the entire shopping center).  With … Read More


November 19, 2018 |

YHC wanted to treat the PAX to something different.  Checking out the AO and realizing we NEVER utilize the ABC Liquor parking lot, the challenge was on.  With a little research, some trivia questions, it was game on.  The name … Read More


October 22, 2018 | | One Comment

YHC did some planning and sent out a pre-blast for this week’s kettle bell beat down.  Due to the cold (35 degrees), fartsacking, or just because the PAX were scared, only two brave souls showed for today’s festivities.  (Could also … Read More

Bank Rolling a Back to School Lesson

August 27, 2018 | | 3 Comments

Since today was back to school for all the 2.0’s, YHC wanted to try and do something different to get the PAX ready for their lesson on banking.  So, after the disclaimer, PAX were instructed to escort their kettlebells (as … Read More

It’s Only 1-Minute!

July 2, 2018 |

YHC is training for a GoRuck event and has also signed up for the MeCa Triple Nickel challenge.  So, the PAX get to reap the benefits.  YHC incorporated a ruck friendly workout with an emphasis on merkins, sit-ups and running.  … Read More

Slow Your Roll!

June 11, 2018 | | 2 Comments

YHC wanted to try a different approach by utilizing an all tempo paced beatdown.  Some planning was required to come up with all exercises that could be used with a longer tempo count.  PAX arrived, disclaimer given and off we … Read More