Author: Poutine

A 12 PAX for the 12 Christmas Drills

When YHC signed up to Q the Friday Cardio, @disaster had the brilliant idea to move the start time from 5:30 am to 7:00 am.  With that said, a 12 PAX showed up in order to burn some calories before replenishing over Christmas.  Thanks to @mandown for bringing in the festive mood with his decorated […]

What’s in the box?

15 PAX didn’t worry that it main rain this morning and showed up to a muggy beatdown that would leave them soak and wet no matter if it rained or not.  The rain held up but the pain inflicted left everyone wet.  A full disclaimer was given after @circuit introduced another FNG, and this time […]

Preblast: Kayaking and Hiking weekend

The Highlands AO is organizing a weekend get away to West Jefferson, NC.  The weekend shenanigans will include departing Charlotte Friday after work to get to YHC’s cabin.  We will host Fire Pit Friday at the cabin and will either join F3 Boone Saturday am for beatdown or host our own beatdown on YHC’s hilly […]

Push to open it up!

5 at F3 Highlands this muggy morning kept their heart rate up and then spent some time stretching.  Since nobody had signed up by yesterday evening, YHC decided to sign up to Q but then remembered that the coffee time after the beatdown has been a success.  So YHC made a made dash to Kohl […]