Author: Brad Van Pelt

This is No Picnic

Pax: Detention, Loveseat, Soprano, Master Po, MC, Heatstroke, Sugar, Vespa, Life Alert, Kilowatt, Schnitzel, Peanuts Q:Peanuts 11 of RS finest gathered in the gloom with MC on time and Life Alert pulling a “MC” with a late arrival, making a full dozen. A disclaimer was given and off we mosied to the ball courts for […]

Peanuts’ Pallet of Pain

Pax: Life Alert, kilowatt, Clickbait, Sharkbait, Blindside, Vespa, Soprano, Pox, Goldenboy, Detention, Peanuts Q: Peanuts   0530 a disclaimer was given to a group of pax including 2 returning FNG’s, looking to receive acceptance into the F3 brotherhood with hopes of receiving their new name. Off we mosied to warmarama, with 3 late Pax searching […]

Walk The Line

Pax: Life Alert, Pox, Schnitzel, Sugar, Detention, Backstop, MC, Peanuts. Q: Peanuts It was 0530 and 7 RS pax gathered in the gloom. A quick disclaimer was given and off we mosied over to Drago for some warmorama. MC decided to join us fashionably late, making a nice even 8. Warmarama: SSH, IST, Hillbillies, windmills, Penny […]

What the Hill?!

Pax: Life Alert, MC, Soprano, Steel Cannon, Love Seat, Manwich, Peanuts. Q: Peanuts The time was 0530 and the Pax witnessed a Rare event: Life Alert was On time and standing in the parking lot with us. A frequent event was also witnessed as MC rolled in fashionably late but with perfect timing to make the launch. […]

What goes up must come down

12 pax overcame the Fartsack and gathered in the gloom for a Peanuts Beatdown. A disclaimer was given and some solid mumblechatter was had regarding Firestone not being present after showing his love on Slack. We proceeded with a quick mosey on up to the front of the middle school for warmarama. Warmarama: SSH, IST, […]

Wonder Wall

Four PAX left the comfort of their warm fart-sacks this morning to gather in the gloom on this cold October morning; and they are better and stronger for it. After some brief mumblechatter about a couple of HC’s and SC’s that ended up being UA’s, a quick disclaimer was given to the brave few and […]

Boiled Peanuts

7 pax overcame the fart sack and had the nuts to gather in the gloom for a Peanuts delivered beatdown. Warmorama: After a brief disclaimer, we mosied to the back lot were we circled up for some warm ups: SSH x20 IST x 20 Arm circles x40 Cotton Pickers x10 Windmills x10 The Thang: We […]