Author: Indiana


11 PAX it was this day. Humid. Very.  Temp in low 70s.  Cujo in gloom looks like a rail after having lost 35 lbs. Right on brother. Right on. Warmorama Mosey from AO to Mall Parking Lot by BELK doing quadromania up road hill and high skips stopping at COP. Cross Jacks x 15 Air […]

The only easy day was yesterday

Mosey through parking lot (high knee, butt kickers) around to shelter The Thang (each exercise done for 1 minute unless otherwise noted) A Set – SSH – Knee Merkins to Child Pose – Wall Chair – Full Boat Pose – Bridge Kicks – T- Plank with Leg Lifts (30 seconds each side) Run Lap around […]


14 Pax came out on a warm, muggy morning praying HolyCow would keep his promise of no burpees.   WARMORAMA: Mosey to the Mall SSH x 20 Imperial Storm Troopers x 20 Cotton Pickers x 20 Arm circles Side lunge stretches THE THANG: Perform the following as a descending ladder beginning with 10 reps At […]