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work the poles

BB 11/15/2022 QIC: Hops Pax: Hipbone, Popeye, Catfish, Deertick, Indy, Trick Daddy, Fire Chicken, Psycho T, Tombstone   Warm-o-rama: Mosey around the parking lot with some high knees, butt-kickers and Karaoke. Proceed to be depantsed by Tom B. SSH x 20 Arm circles Mountain Climbers x 20 Loose Change x 5 (not enough for Indy) […]

The Wall

Backblast 10/06/22 AO: ASEC QIC : Total Package Pax : Spud, Homeland, Mayweather, Sandtrap, Brickyard, Tombstone, Private Ryan Jog around ASEC parking lot doing high knees, butt kickers, karaoke Circle up – lower parking lot SSH x 20 IST’s x 20 Hamstring stretch Arm circles Jog to Dentist office across Lake Concord Rd The Thang: […]

Moan & Groan

Date: 9/20/2022 AO: ASEC QIC: Hops Pax: Private Ryan, Psycho T, Hipbone, Bozeman, Fire Cock, Tomby, Catfish, Scooter, Spud, Luthor, Homeland, Look me up!, Mayweather and FNG-Heath Dry Warmup: Head to Belk parking lot. SSH x 20 Loose Change x 10 Arm Circles Head to top of parking deck. Thang: 4 corners (stations), 4 exercises […]

Not Quite Fall Y’all

Date: 8-27-22 QIC: Mountie AO: ASEC Pax:  Scooter, Java, Homeland, Spud, Catfish, Tupperware, Tombstone, Mountie Warm up:  splash pad for SSH, leg stretches, arm stretches, and some full moon action Mosey to top of old deck: 4 corners Lap 1- 10 regular merkins and 10 squats Lap 2- 10 wide merkins and 10 squats Lap […]


BB 7/12/2022 QIC: Mountie Pax: Spud, Deertick, LMU, Finish Line Tombstone, Marlboro, Luther, Firechicken, Buzzkill, Scooter, Catfish, Popeye, Ponch, Mountie Mosey to rehash center: SSH cobra slow merks arm circles squats Mosey to rock pile: 15 curls 15 bent rows 15 bench press Mosey to back parking lot: 10 tire flips 10 dips 10 tire […]

Short Curcuit

Date: 6/25/2022 QIC: Hops Pax: Indy, Cole FNG, Catfish, TomBstone, PR, FC, Slash, Marlboro, Homeland, Spud, Ma bell, Look me up, Bozeman, Hipbone, Hops Warmup: Mosey around block, past the best looking grass on the block and back to OCT. SSH x 20 Loose change x 8 Arm circles Thang: Grab a block (not a brick) and bring back to the circle. 5 exercises and one lap around the […]

Clouds in My Eyes

Date:  WED 01 June ’22 Where: OCT QIC: El Ab PAX: Ticky, Indy, Cat, TP, Hopsmeister, Tomby, PT, PR, Skinner, Mayhem, Mayweather, Spud, Luthor, Marbol and El Ab no warm-up, boogy-pace native american run w burpees up Spring and down Union halting at foot of steps behind Pink Palace/adjacent to Post Office. Rinse-and repeated some burpees […]

Hodge Podge

Date: 5/18/2022 AO: OCT QIC: Hops Pax: Fire Chicken, Private Ryan, Tombstone, Tupperware, Mayweather, Popeye, Scooter, Ace, Hipbone, Spud, Homeland, El Ab, Finish Line, Neverland, Hops   14 pax members were ready for the call this fine morning…and then PR showed up too… Warm-o-rama:  Mosey over to the bum wash and circle up to get […]