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F3 MeCa | May 26, 2020

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Posts By Hop Hunter

Early Call is Back…

May 18, 2020 |

The Monday run/ruck returned to its regularly scheduled time this week of 5:30am.  Last week the pax eased into things with a 6:30 launch, but later found out that a couple of our brothers missed the memo.  Message received… time … Read More

On the road again…

May 11, 2020 |

We have obliviously been living in strange times of late.  Things took a step back toward normal this past weekend with the re-opening of Afton.  It was awesome to see so many guys make it out.  Hitting the road again … Read More

Take Your Monday Medicine…

March 3, 2020 |

YHC noticed late on Sunday that the Monday morning cruise Q was sitting vacant, so YHC decided to take his medicine and sign on the dotted line.  All was quite in the world of slack, so YHC had curious how … Read More

Return of Three Amigos…

February 10, 2020 |

Dorton Park took a beating last week during the big storm and was pretty much Dorton Lake for a day or so.  Our man Lewis and team got the park back up and running on Saturday, so it was business … Read More

Ok Ok… I get it

February 4, 2020 |

This morning greeted us with the mildest temps in a while.  8 Dawgs answered the bell and showed ready to cruise.  In the pack was Submarine who was excited to walk with Porto since Porto let it be known on … Read More

Superbowl Recovery Run…

February 3, 2020 |

YHC held out on committing for this Monday morning cruise until about halftime of the Superbowl.  After a quick check and seeing that the Q was still open, YHC decided no better way to force myself to get up than … Read More

The Lazarus Run…

January 30, 2020 |

This fine Thursday morning provided cool, but mild weather.  It was perfect conditions for running, rucking, and walking.  YHC rolled up to the Dawg House curious to see how many Dawgs were able to beat the fartsack and make it … Read More

Training the Mind… and Legs

January 28, 2020 |

Notice was served on Saturday night that the Tuesday Q was still sitting vacant.  YHC was fresh off the Idiot Run and several beverages into the post run celebration, so why not.  After signing on the dotted line YHC realized … Read More

The Frosty Bird…

January 23, 2020 |

This week has been a rough return to winter after we had some mild weather to start the year.  As YHC mulled over options for this morning it seemed smart to skip the track since the Idiot run is looming … Read More

Back to the Track…

January 14, 2020 |

Monday morning came with the threat of rain and it delivered.  When YHC checked the Tuesday forecast, it showed that a 2nd day of rain was possible.  As YHC pulled into the Dawg House it was great to see that … Read More