Author: Hop Hunter

A Spaz Birthday Bash…

PAX: @Tugboat_willie @Othello @Bravo @hop_hunter @bigblue @Big Country @Iron City @Zacchaeus @Phidippedes @Shooter @Geppetto @hokie_pokie @Audit @CPAP @Opie @Run-Flat @Guinness @Slash @Moolah @Otto @Spaz Q: Spaz   Twenty one PAX came out, despite a threat of rain, to experience a Spaz birthday beatdown. Everyone looked trustworthy so we skipped the disclaimer waiver signatures (I forgot my pen anyway). Warm-up Mosey 2 laps around the parking lot.  Circle up (more like the shape of an amoeba) […]

The Gamble Paid Off

On a cold January 26 morning, 19 dedicated PAX arrived to celebrate another day by working out physically and mentally.  Having possibly oversold Geppetto’s VQ, the PAX’s expectations were pretty high.  PAX: Huggy Bear, 4-Wide, Bigblue, Audit, Kojak, Bravo, Shooter, Zacchaeus, Guinness, Hokie Pokie, Terrible Towel, Hop Hunter, Opie, Slash, Iron City, CPAP, Spaz, Yellowcake, […]