Author: HoneyDo_MECA

Watch out for that Truck

4 gathered together as the post-vacation, pre-BRR party began.  I probably should have been running this morning, but with the 2 weeks prior to my vacation being Iron-Q’s, I figured I needed to give a go at as close to an Iron-Q as possible.  I think I shall dub it a bronze-Q (name subject to […]

Are you even listening?

15 men threw caution into the wind and thought there would be no better way to spend a Thursday morning than running through thick, soupy air. Yellowcake tried to convert some of the runners into bikers the night before, with promises of Mai Thais and a cool breeze as they cruised along. If you want […]

Stacked Deck

7 decided the storm wasn’t close enough to fret over and said yes to their daily dose of medicine. Others decided to stay home and watch episode 1 of some Star Wars thing instead. They claim it was worth it and he shall remain nameless, right @yellowcake? Oops. With the eminent rain and the lack […]

Flyin’ Low

14 of the areas finest came together to run and bike, in an effort to better ourselves and fellowship with one another. We welcomed back a few covid returners and went to work. Keeping it simple today with a route that leaves bail points for those that are recovering, though none needed to use them. […]

A Man of His Word

7 did not heed the warning that today would not be fun. After not having a Q sign up for kettlebells for the 2nd week in a row, I promised if that didn’t get filled, we would be running peak to peak. Well, I am a man of my word, so peak to peak it […]