Author: Hokie Pokie

Hokie Pokie’s Grand Finale

Q-Hokie Pokie Moolah, Spaz, Opie, Bravo, Big Blue, Shooter, Terrible Towel, Yellow Cake, Chachi, Buck, FNG-Leonard     Last day of the Iron week challenge for Hokie Pokie. It was a great crew all week. A lot to be thank you for!! I wanted to keep us moving this morning, and by the end, we […]

Murder bunnies anyone…..not today!!

Pax (13): Q- Hokie Pokie, Guinness, Opie, Spaz, Terrible Towel, Kojak, Iron City, Big Blue, Bravo, CPAP, Moolah, Geppetto, Zacchaeus   Warmarama: Mosey around the parking lot x2 SSH (IC) x 12 Penny pickers (IC) x 12 Wind mills (IC) x12   Grab blocks stay in the main parking lot 3 Exercises Bench Press Flutter […]

What is the next exercise?

Pax: Q- Hokie Pokie, Beat down: Guinness, Opie, Spaz, Terrible Towel, Kojak, 4-Wide, Scrum, Iron City Bikers = Hop Hunter, Yellow Cake, Uecker Runner= Slash     Warmarama: SSH (IC) x 15 Penny pickers (IC) x 12 Toy Solderis (IC) x 10 Mt Climbers (IC) x 12   Grab 3 blocks and head to the […]

Super Bowl winner!!!

Pax: Q- Hokie Pokie, Guinness, Chachi, Audit, Opie, Spaz, Booter, Grassy Knoll, Geppetto   Warmarama: SSH (IC) x 12 Penny pickers (IC) x 12 Arm Circles Windmill (IC) X 12   Grab a block and head to corner in the Afton parking Curls for girls Bench Press Flutters Kicks with the block in the air […]

It’s Friday!!!

Q – Hokie Pokie, Mash, Terrible Towel, Buck, Uecker, Ticonderoga, Liquid Courage   Warmarama: Run the lines in the parking lot SSH (IC) x 10 Penny pickers (IC) x 10 Arm Circles Windmill (IC) X 10   Head to the stairs for some ladder work out 10- 1 Ladder Top: RBC Bottom: Monkey Humpers   […]

Hang out time!!

Group grabbed a coupon, dropped it off at the small shelter and then headed over to the tennis courts for the warmup. Warmarama: Soccer style warm up SSH (IC) x 12 Penny pickers (IC) x 12 Leg Stretching Arm Circles   Head back to the small shelter for a planned ladder Tabata style workout. Q […]

All home on time!!

11 men beat the fart sack this morning, for an outing on the roads of Carolando!! 6 Runners, 2 Ruckers and 3 Bikers, started out strong and finished even stronger. The cool weather this morning hurt the lungs at first, but everyone pushed through. You heard Buck this morning, mental health is hitting us all […]

Find a partner!!

Warmarama: Mosey to the tennis courts, once there one time around; skipping, high knees and karoke mixed in. SHH (IC) x12 Slow Penny Pickers (IC) x 12 Arm circles Toy soldiers (IC) x10   22 Merkins for Vets Hokie Pokie suicides Line 1 – 15 SSH Line 2 – 10 Squats Line 3 – 5 […]

Run with Flair!!

12 men hit the streets of Carolando. For the runs, Bravo set the pace, while 5 other runs tried to catch him. The 2 ruckers knocked it out and hit there morning goal. The 3 riders had on a few extra layers, but that did not slow them down. Great cool morning for a run/ruck/ride. […]

Yard Work for Amway’s Family

Date: Oct 16th Time: 9am – until the work is done (estimate 2 – 3 Hrs) Address:  3368 Garrett DR SW, Concord NC 28027 We all said, “what can we do?”, after we heard about Amway’s passing, well on Oct 16th we have an opportunity to remember Amway and do something for his family!! The […]