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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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Posts By Clint Newton

Stretch this way – stretch that way…

March 25, 2021 |

This morning 9 beefy bro’s and Othello showed up for some stretchy time.

At 530 – I gave a short disclaimer and we got started.

We stretched this way >>> then we stretched that way <<<

When we arrived at … Read More

Jack and Mary – Quite Contrary!

March 3, 2021 |

The gloom was good this morning. No rain on site, which was a good omen for the beatdown.

At 0530, I gave the disclaimer and we were off for a short mosey around the parking lot and return back to … Read More

Bus Lot Diamond Circuit

February 3, 2021 |

At 5:28 I gave the 2 minute warning and then shared that Monday Feb 8 will be my 1 year at F3 and gave a little encouragement as to why I keep coming back. The comraderie and encouragement that I … Read More

Crazy Eights for Metal

January 15, 2021 |

This morning was a gorgeous morning, but sadly so many of our regular HIMS missed it. I have missed the last couple of weeks with the ‘RONA.’ But thankfully all of that is behind me and I am working to … Read More

Grab a chair, stretch it out, and please change that music!

December 25, 2020 |

The night before the Broga Q, YHC struggled to find a good playlist for Broga. At last weeks Broga, @toughskins playlist almost caused me to convert and move to Tibet. So with the desire to bring us back to some … Read More

20-20-20 because 2020 sucks

November 30, 2020 |

The night before the workout, the Q checked the weather. Yep, it’s gonna suck for the Monday beatdown. Of course it is. I was thinking about connecting my workout numerically to 2020 and of course anything dealing with 2020 just … Read More

Sliding down the ladder

November 4, 2020 |

This morning we had a very simple routine. It went like this.

0530 – So-so disclaimer was given and we warmed up with:

10 SSH – 10 Imperial Walkers – 10 Windmills – 10 Penny Pickers – 10 Flutterkicks

We … Read More

The Walking Dead

October 8, 2020 |

This morning we were recovering from a “upper body” beatdown on Wednesday thanks to Epsilon…or maybe it was just me. Chest, shoulders and arms were “dead.”

So at 530 I gave the disclaimer about modifying as needed, stretch yourself but … Read More

Bells & Burpees – Rainy Edition

September 25, 2020 |

So this morning was very much the “gloom.” Cars were present at the gate parking area with our “gatekeeper” moving slow this morning. Even an FNG showed up and was waiting to see what this F3 stuff was all about. … Read More

Black Jack – 21 or bust!

September 21, 2020 |

This morning was a cool brisk day full of promise and regret. Promise for those who rose to conquer the day and partake in a little beatdown of brothers holding one another accountable to “GET RIGHT!” Regret for all the … Read More