Author: Gapper

Labor Day Challenge

12 men shook off the holiday fartsack and came out to get better with a Labor Day Challenge. WARM UP SSH x20 IST x10 Air squat x10 Merkin x10 THE CHALLENGE Ten rounds, 4 minutes each, for a total of 40 minutes. Each round: run 400m then do burpees til the timer sounds. Repeato x10 […]

Core Pyramid

14 men got faster and stronger in today’s running of The Ridge. WARMUP Mosey around to suicide lot SSH x15 Air squat x10 Merkin x10 Low flutter x15 Monkey humper x10 SUICIDE PYRAMID Each round is running a suicide, with a number of reps of a core or hip flexor exercise at each line. When […]

12 Days

Pax: Kojak, Deadhead, Sheepdog, Gamma, Gapper Q: Gapper 5 Wise Men gathered in the Christmas gloom to get stronger together. Here’s how it went. WARMUP SSH x15 Air squats x15 Merkins x10 12 DAYS All pax grabbed their sandbag of choice (from 40-60 pounds) and traversed all around Harrisburg Park to visit 12 different spots […]

What Are Them Boys Doing There?

4 men got stronger in the early spring gloom with a you vs. you circuit at The Sandlot. Here’s how it went: WARMUP SSH x20 IST x10 Merkin x10 Air squat x10 MAIN EVENT Starting at the far end of the Stallings Park parking lot (opposite from the tennis courts): 20 burpees @ start 20 […]

Climbing Ladders

Three pax joined YHC on his VQ as they had no idea what they were in for (and neither did YHC).   Warm-o-rama Mosey up towards the ball fields SSH x15 IC Arm Circles OYO American Hammer x10 IC Mosey back to parking lot The Thang: Ladder workout Start at one end of the parking lot, […]

Luck Be a Lady

It wasn’t Vegas, baby, but 4 men tested their luck with the cards this morning at The Sandlot. Here’s how it went. WARMUP Mosey to end of lot SSH x15 IST x15 Air squat x10 Merkins x10 Mosey back to start DECK OF CARDS Aces are 20 reps, faces 15, numbers are themselves. Jokers: 400m […]

The Final Countdown

8 pax gathered in the frosty gloom for a rep-a-palooza. WARMUP Run to end of lot then in front of shelter SSH x20 IST x15 Air squat x10 Merkin x10 THE THANG 100 Line Hops 90 SSH 80 Calf Raises 70 Air Squats 60 LBC 50 Low Flutters 40 Merkins 30 Dips 20 Decline Curb […]


3 strong men came out & got stronger with some EMOM at The Sandlot. WARMUP Mosey to end of parking lot then to the turf playground SSH x15 IST x15 Merkin x10 Air squat x10 THE THANG Every minute on the minute do: Minute 1: 10 burpees Minute 2: 15 merkins Minute 3: 20 air […]

Three’s Company

Three amigos obeyed the timer for a Tabata beatdown. WARMUP Side straddle hop x15 Imperial Storm Trooper x10 Merkins x10 Air squat x10 5 burpees OYO TABATA (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, x 8 rounds per exercise Merkins Air Squats Mountain Climbers Low Flutters Burpees Low Flutters Mountain Climbers Air Squats Merkins And no […]

Ultimate Comeback

15 Canton-bound gridiron greats welcomed ultimate football back to Harrisburg after a long construction-related hiatus. Here’s how it went. WARMUP 15 SSH 15 IST Arm circles 5 burpees OYO GAME TIME We split into two teams of seven with IR-ridden Oz as our resident Hochuli to ensure everything went down fairly. And since YHC is […]