Author: Chowder

Beast of Bladenboro

A misty gloom hung over the PAX gathered at HCES. Welcome back home. But also a welcome hunting ground for the Beast of Bladenboro. YHC chose to venture into the darkness for a workout. It’s up to you if you chose to follow. Circle up for Warm-o-rama SSH x 19 IC IST x 15 IC […]

Back to basics

Even the full moon couldn’t make my arms long enough to read the time on my phone. Tried to delay the inevitable pain with a discussion about our collective failing eyesight. Eventually made the best effort at a disclaimer that I have in a few weeks and we rolled out. Short mosey to warmup lineup […]

You deserve better

Another weak back blast. Cobains. But here’s what we did with a better disclaimer today. Run up Shelly, across Ridge and over the bridge to MCHS. Right on JO to the traffic circle, right turn back over 485 and right on Ridge. Left on HCP and throw in a Skyline loop if you want a […]

In under the wire

It’s still September until midnight so I assume this will be considered on time. And this is a rough recollection of what we did. Should have written it down. But it’s 100% accurate for who was there. Nine strong and no disclaimer. No worries… What could possibly go wrong. Warmup lap with high knees, butt […]

Not Cardi B, but Cardi O

Solid effort in the gloom Half mile warm-up 2:00 race pace 3:00 recovery Repeat-o That’s Cardi O Cooldown COT No Announcements Naked Man Moleskin – Great getting to know this gloom’s crew a little better – Solid work by all who posted – This is the best workout of the week to get stronger faster

Speed > Cardio

We ran. Warmup. #BootstrapHalves 4X Fast. Cool down. Simple. Effective. That is all. COT and Announcements Moleskin – Best and quickest way YHC knows to become a stronger, faster PAX – @Glock takes the chicken dinner on all four laps – @NextDoor dug deep and gutted it out

Old Skool Cruze

Full moon and a Chowder Q. A perfect recipe for weirdness. You wouldn’t believe it even if I tried to explain, but you gotta show to know. No disclaimer needed for this crew but with the 201 Central¬†#throwbackroute and a couple of hates on the six, a map and better (non-Chowder) directions would have been […]

Love, don’t h8 the 8

Looked like @Greek was trying to wrangle my Q as I pulled into the links lot at 05:30:59 (technically still 0530) and lept forth from the still-in-motion Titan that gently rolled to a stop sideways in the parking space. Welcome to YHC’s 8 Year F3versary Beatdown…¬†Cobains to @Sandman for all the giddyups and bumper-chasing that […]