Author: Buckwheat

B-U-C-K-W-H-E-A-T is….

45.  Except when he thinks he’s 44… 9, 7 men and 2 boys wanting to become men, descended into the gloom for a little post birthday celebration at the hands of YHC. Best disclaimer ever was given.  Took a little longer than I would’ve liked as @Major Pain was giving out his daily pep talk […]

Foursomes & Major’s School of Hard Knocks

After seeing some surprising chatter on our Slack channel last night, including several HC’s (none stepping up to Q of course), YHC decided to take the reigns this morning. YHC and Vulture arrived at 0522 to find @Major Pain in the parking lot.  No surprise here since he gets up before Australian Roosters do, especially […]

A Beatdown Occurred

An 10 people, none of which were named Sizzlean showed. We ran a good bit which was not expected from this Q; did plenty of donkey kicks and squats.  Yurpees, burpees, bear crawls, and CDD’s were also done along with WWII’s, LBC’s, reverse crunches, and pretzel crunches.  Those that showed, know what they did and […]

Field Trip Time!

10 men enjoyed a brief field trip from the typical dimly lit upper grounds of our AM.  Headlamps were requested via Slack and a few men actually came prepared.  We did a short mosey followed by some parking space shuffle and then warm-o-rama. IST X10IC LSS X10IC Mountain Climber X10IC Windmill X10IC CP X10IC The […]

Kotter on Q

10 good men joined YHC to kick off week two of my return to F3.  Since no Q was signed up yesterday, I decided to step up with some hesitation of course.  After a six month hiatus and feeling like I was gonna die during a few beatdowns last week, I figured what the heck, […]

Rabbit & Bacon Partner Beatdown

12 man assembled on a fairly cool, but muggy morning. Near perfect conditions for this time of year. Throw disclaimer given, mumble Chowder be Guinness, and off we were. Ran over to where our Cinderblock used to be. Did some warm whole Rama.  SSH’s, Merks, Windmills, CP’s, and yurpees. The Thang:  Partner up, fastest with […]

Good Old Fashion Touchdown Beatdown

The NFL draft left YHC jonesing for some football.  YHC’s Buffalo Bills had a decent offseason and draft for the first time in years, so there is some cautious optimism for the future of the desolate franchise.   When YHC was thinking last night about what to do this morning, memories of @Alcatraz’s infamous (retired) Touchdown […]