Author: Buckwheat

Partner Up!

17 Highland’s Mettle Masters met in the cool, clear gloom for a little Monday morning quarterback full of chalk & iron.  However, there was no time to stand around the cooler and talk during this beatdown.  Even Major Pain was silent (for the most part)! COP: SSH x15 Windmill x15 Cotton Pickers X10 The Thang: Partner up […]

Up in Smoke?

17 strong showed up in the Gloom at Highland’s Mettle today for a Gump created beatdown dubbed “Single Spot Smoke.”  Buckwheat led the charge in his virgin Q and it showed!  Gump’s back is still jacked up, so he must’ve designed this beatdown to instill the pain he is dealing with on his fellow F3 brothers.  Thanks, Gump. Get well soon!  The good news was, […]