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F3 MeCa | February 22, 2020

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Posts By Adam Butler

Windy and Leggy

February 8, 2020 |

On the slack channel I recommended everyone bring a headlamp because I assumed we’d be dealing with torrential rains and storm damage to dodge but no rain or damage was around.  STRONG wing gusts were afoot however so we still … Read More

Mamba Mentality

January 27, 2020 |

I was never a big Kobe Bryant fan. I always thought he was arrogant on the court and that rubbed me the wrong way for whatever reason. However .. dude could BALL. I’ve watched a ton of NBA and I … Read More

Thursday Stretchies

January 16, 2020 |

YHC rolled into the front door of the ABC FLC at 0530:30, matted down and got right to is.  Thankfully the fellas were finishing up some mumblechatter and were ready to go so we started with a few sun salutations?  … Read More

Lungaree Lungaroo

December 30, 2019 |

Piledriver was without Q so bring the mostly HIM I am I volunteered ready to workout in the rain. Instead it was warm, dry and gusty.  Quick weinke change and off we went.



Take a lap to pick … Read More

12 Days of Yoga

December 19, 2019 |

It was a people’s Q so four of us matted up at the ABC for a Chum inspired 12 days of Christmas Broga.


1 swan Dive

2 runner’s lunge

3 Michael Phelps’

4 deep breaths

5 down dog to … Read More

The Other Side

December 9, 2019 |

The east side of Veterans Memorial park is perfect.  It has a track, two soccer fields a half dozen tennis courts, four wall ball courts and almost everything you need for a good beat down. However, since the pay to … Read More

Googled Core Kettlebell Exercises

November 15, 2019 |

One of the best parts of F3 is getting you out of your comfort zone.  Nervous about leading a yogaish workout because you don’t know anything about yoga?  Step right up and lead workout like Nimbus did last week.  Never … Read More

Stretching things and Blue jeans

November 2, 2019 |

I prepare for boot camp and running Qs but the yoga Qs?  I wing all of them.  I used to do a ton of yoga.  At least three times a week back when free time was still a significant part … Read More

Rolling it out

October 3, 2019 |

Parked the minivan at 0508, got vested up and hit the road for quick 2+ miles.  Got back to find Othello’s mat and the flag planted.  It was just the two of us and while we could have done some … Read More


October 3, 2019 |

The ole’ Weinke wasn’t really coming together Wednesday night so I just put down some exercises and had a 1.5 mile run from the house to figure it out by the time I got to Bain. I was DEEP in … Read More