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The Swill

I looked back at my old post and this intro was my last one about a year ago, guess to whom it refers and see how some things never change!! So i had this planned and lo and behold our inglorious MQ whines he wants to do the workout, so i not so happily indulged […]

mini master!!!

so i had this planned and lo and behold our inglorious MQ whines he wants to do the workout, so i not so happily indulged him and catered to his futile capabilities to construe a new workout, and wouldn’t you know it oh i have such a headache i cant make it ????? WTHeck but […]


well look at this a clammy morning in the gloom, could this be the first day of many squid shirt wringing’s, one thing is for sure the numbers are up and the workouts better in the absence of a certain unnamed pax!!!! Warm O Rama!!!!! NAH!!!!!!!!!!! THANG!!!! RUUUUUNNNN!!!!! Hard RUUUUUNNN Long Mary! COT/BOM Welcome back […]

pick things up put things down

The Gloom seems so much more tolerable when you have others to suffer through it with and the thoughts of Spring around the corner and baseball in the Kannon AO! Warm O Rama – mosey to the cellar of the deck deconstructed motivator – each portion ic x 10, mt climbers ic x 10, arm […]

gremlin redux x 4!!!

windy and cool as old glory stood at attention makes the 5 brave warriors whom assumed the gloom proud to count each others as brothers!!!! Aye!! Warm O Rama: mosey to veterans park! deconstruct the motivator each move times 10 ic, bsn’s 10 ic, ist’s 10 ic, mc 10 ic mosey to the Thang the […]

say it slowly R U N!!

Time to stretch it out for the New Year, and find out how bad we behaved during the Holidays!! 10 strong posted to knock the dust off and see exactly where we need to go in this New Year. Over the river and thru the woods we covered 5 to 5.5 for some miles. Pace […]

Back 2 Draft!!

Feels as if we are meeting in the Moors of the Highlands as the Scotts once did for their morning beatdowns, but NO! We are in the Great OLE USA to celebrate the Eve of our Freedom with a beatdown from BD!!!!!! 10 men sauntered up for what was to be an EPIC! beatdown of […]

Birmingham Bad Ass

Glad to be home for a few days and visit my families, F3 and biological. I missed you guys! Per request GM says we need to step up the beatdowms and after hearing my bitching about how bad the brothers of F3 BHam beat me down he requested a deep south thrashing! Warm O Rama […]