Burpee Helper

AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: kilowatt
PAX: heatstroke, LoveSeat, schnitzel, MC, Big Bird, Life Alert, Big Tuna, Detention, Lean Cuisine, Vespa-Odell, kilowatt
FNGs: None
The night before the winds signaled that “Second Winter” was blowing away the “Spring of Deception” and the forecast HAD called for mid-30s, but 0530 rolled around with mid-40s greeting 11 HIMs.

DISCLAIMER and a WARMUP which opened with 20 SSH IC and a mosey around through the dropoff line traffic pattern with butt kickers and toy soldiers interspersed. Circle up for some additional stretches. All IC:
– 10x Abe Vigodas
– 10x Penny Pickers

Followed @life alert ‘s lead and did a quick standing stretch touching each toe and the ground.

As I thought it would be cold, I pulled this simple; but sinster work out from the archives.

Do a lap around the parking lot, perform the first exercise on the list, do another lap, then do the first exercise followed by the second exercise, do another lap, then do the first, second and then the third…repeato until time

Exercises – All OYO:

Burpees – 5x
Merkins – 10x
LBCs – 15x
CDD – 20x
Squats – 25x
Mason Twist – 30x (each side counts as a rep)
MCs – 35x (single count)
Pretzel Crunch – 20x each side
Flutter Kicks – 45x single count

RS PAX being true HIM completed this cycle with time to spare. Instead of coming up with some for 50x – YHC delivered instructions to do it again, but eliminate one exercise at the individual’s choice


@schnitzel led the PAX in Homer to Marge as YHC grabbed his phone. As @detention pointed out, YHC has goldfish-level memory.

We had enough time for 10x Freddie Mercuries

– None
Please continue to pray for Detention’s M, MC’s friend David, and Baby Stentson

My apologies for the lateness – OBE.