That’s not rain it’s just a sprinkle

10 HIMs, including a FNG, weren’t skeered of the impending rain and posted for a midweek stretching of the legs.  YHC had promised that the “rain” would hold off until after 0700 and technically it did.  The Ruckers started at 0515 and met up with the Runners at 0530 to wish them farewell.  The clock 0530 and the groups took off in the same direction but at much different speeds.  The PAX would do the Harris Depot hill as much as possible before heading back to Town Center by 0615.  Everyone made it back safely so that made YHC very happy.


Count-off and Name-a-Rama





—-Gremlin February 4th

—-Fellowship of the Idiots February 11th

—-BBBS bowling March 18th.  Get details from Solocup



—-For Deadhead’s unspoken prayers



—-Tartar and Othello are 3 for 3 so far for YHC’s Iron Q.  Tartar mentioned he might be ready to tap out but I know he can hang in there. Just take it one day at a time.  This is a piece of cake for a beast like Othello.

—-Dud and Bonvoy were out there like they were running from something or someone 🤔

—-The Ruckers were rolling 5 deep this morning and kept a good pace.  FNG Eddie had no problem with the pace and said he’ll be back out.

—-Dick Tracy was out there doing his thing but wasn’t running and didn’t have a ruck on but the Ruckers will claim him so it was 6-5 in favor of the Ruckers.

—-Apparently Deadhead and Talladega got bored with the hill pretty quickly and decided to take a tour of the park instead.  Still got the miles they wanted.

—-Don’t forget about Friday to share one thing that you’re grateful for.  We should all have plenty to share but only one is required.



RUCKERS: Hacksaw(R), Scrum(R), Tartar(R), FNG Eddie(R), Dick Tracy, Kojak

RUNNERS: Othello(R), Talladega, Dud, Bonvoy, Deadhead