Crescent Moon(ish)

  • When: 1/24/2022
  • QIC: PR
  • The PAX:  Brickyard, Psycho T, Homeland, Catfish, Marlboro, FC, Tomby, Neverland, Checkmate, Java 

11 showed and it was brisk.

  • Mosey to rehab parking
  • SSH, loose change, mtn climbers, 10 slow mercs, arm circles…
  • Mosey back to ASEC

The Thang:

  • Circuit:
  • bottom parking lot: 10 burpees, 10 KGB’s (IC)
  • rockpile: 10 curl, push, press.  10 goblet squat
  • back parking lot:  10 downdog mercs,  10 v-ups
  • run the sidewalk back to beginning
  • repeato with only burpees going down by 1.


  • Was never called by the QIC, but PAX put away the blocks and went anyway.
  • A little of this and that.


Brickyards sister going through a divorce, (Catfish’s) Dean’s job prospect, my stepmom going through chemo


Great crew of 11.  Chatter abounded with shockingly little complaining.  Think the circuit made somewhat a crescent moon with about 2.5-3 miles total.  Catfish got his feelings hurt by my tone when he was clarifying my instructions.  I’m sure I was using my “don’t question me dad-voice”, sorry brother, I was whack.  Brickyard refused to go down by 1 with the burpees, not on purpose, just got in that 10-of-everything rhythm, but didn’t slow him down as he was rolling today.  Tomby dipped out early.  Said he had a brown-route, but I just think he was tired of such a manly beatdown.  He even tried to give a harrowing account of how it played out at coffee to convince us.  To no avail.  Anyways….love these mornings and love you guys.

Much Obliged-


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