Mike Tyson returns

On the 2nd day of YHC’s Iron Q 5 other STUDS weren’t afraid of the cold and headed out to The Ridge to see what was in store.  YHC promised it would be worth their time and I hope it was.  The clock hit 0530, disclaimer was given, and off we went.  It went something like this…………


Mosey, with some karaoke thrown in, to the ticket booth for a warmup.




Mountain Climbers


Low Slow Squats


Arm Scissors

Arm Circles



Line Runs

At the start point start with 10 RBCs and head to the first line.  Do 5 SSHs and head back to the start point for 10 RBCs. Head toward the second line for 5 Squats but stop at the first line for 10 SSHs.  Back to the start point for 10 RBCs and continue with the following exercises.  Each time you pass a line you’d previously done you add 5 more reps than the previous round

1st line:  SSHs 5-10-15-20-25

2nd line:  Squats 5-10-15-20

3rd line:  Shoulder Taps 5-10-15

4th line:  Heels to Heaven 5-10

5th line:  Burpees 5

PAX did 2 rounds.


Head to the ticket booth for 10 Mike Tysons, 10 Wall sit toe taps, and 10 wall sit squirms.  Then run to the second light pole and back.



Various stretches


Count-off and Name-a-Rama





—-Gremlin February 4th

—-Fellowship of the Idiots February 11th.

—-BBBS bowling March 18th.  Get up with Solocup for details.



—-For safe travels

—-For Deadhead

—-For Zin’s son making A/B honor roll



—-Good to have Deadhead back so felt pretty appropriate including Mike Tysons.

—-Tartar believes that if you do the same number of reps at each line it all evens out at some point.  Hey whatever it takes to keep you moving brother.

—-Zin was killin it out there!!!  Guess he was making up for the time he’ll miss traveling for work.

—-Greenspan is starting to make a habit of getting out to The Ridge.  Hopefully he knows there’s workouts besides there 🤔

—-Othello and Tartar are 2 for 2 on YHC’s Iron Q so let’s keep it rolling tomorrow.  Wonder if Othello has missed any of the Iron Q’s?  The man is a machine so I would guess no.

—-Just a heads up for those planning to post on Friday.  Show up prepared to share one thing you are thankful for.  If you’re unable to, which I wouldn’t expect, then your brothers will pay a serious penalty if you can’t.



Zin, Tartar(R), Deadhead, Greenspan, Othello(R), Kojak