AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: Detention
PAX: Big Tuna, Life Alert, Vespa-Odell, MC, Peanuts, Big Bird, Detention
FNGs: None

WARMUP: Disclaimer. Mosey to HR bus parking lot. Start warmups. Backtrack to pick up MC. Mosey to track to finish warmups.
THE THANG: Start in the middle of the home side of track to have easy access to the bleachers. Lap 1 four corners Lunge walk ten times and run in between. 20 newly named sacksquats on the bleachers. Two per bleacher moving on down. Butt or Sack must touch each time for full range of motion. lap 2, 7 Star jumps at each corner. 15 sacksquats on bottom bleacher only. (it’s the lowest one). Lap 3, 10 Freddie Mercury’s at each corner, 4-count with full leg extension each time. 20 more sacksquats on lower bleacher. Lap 4, 7 frog burpees at each corner. Finish with 30 strong sacksquats on the lower bleacher. Slow walk to gate entrance until we got the feeling back in our legs. Mosey for some cackilacki cancans and then finish the journey with monkey humpers.
MARY: Serious stretching followed by 20 seconds of gratitude.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: HDHH tonight. it would be peculiar if more Pax Show up for HDHH tonight than this morning for leg day.
COT: The Haga family, the Cagle family, and the Mullen family who lost loved ones this week. Continued prayers for Greek’s son and Moonlight.