Way Open

AO: F3Dawghouse
Q: Dawghouse MASH, Backroad, Ticonderoga
PAX: Backroad, Ticonderoga, Dawghouse MASH
FNGs: None
This was truly a People’s Q; I’m just the scribe. Three of us gathered, and lacking a Q-elect, we just improvised a most-excellent Kettlebell workout. (Please edit what I have certainly mis-remembered.)
WARMUP: 12 ea. SSHs, Hillbillies, and Penny Pickers
THE THANG: Pax took turns calling out 3 exercises we would all do 12 reps each for 3 rounds:
Set 1-Curls, Squats, Tricep Extensions
Set 2-Thrusts, LBCs, Lunges
Set 3-Upright Rows, Weighted Windmills, Reverse (palms down) Curls
Set 4-Lawnmowers, Merkins/Bench Presses, Side Lunges
MARY: 12 count WWIIs, Flutter Kicks, Box Cutters, Freddy Merks, Pretzel Crunches.
COT: Foster Care families, the aged and cognitively impaired, cancer patients.