Open 23.1

AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: Hot Pack
PAX: Slash, Hot Pack, Detention, Life Alert, Vespa-Odell, chachif3, Pox, @backstop
FNGs: None
WARMUP: 300m run, 15 OHS, 15BS, 15 RDLs, 200m run
THE THANG: “Open 23.1” for time (15min cap)

15 Front squats (95/65)
30 reps (see below)
15 thrusters (95/65)
Rest 1 min

Reps: round 1 = T2B, round 2 = pull-ups, round 3= WWII situps

MARY pre or post wod band stretching, @pox or @hotpack choice
COT: many all around, @heatstrokes dad and family, surgery this am for F3 brother, recent national F3 loss.

Well done @hotpack. Great. WOD. New Year’s resolutions were In Full force this AM with 8 braving the PoxBox. Have fun for those at Mount Acton challenge tomorrow. Welcome. @slash.