Luck of the Draw

AO: F3Kannon
Q: Heisenberg_Kannon
PAX: Risky Business, Sir Topham Hatt, Cupid, Big Tuna, Squid
FNGs: None
WARMUP: mosey to parking deck, SSH (15), BSN (15)
THE THANG: 3 pairs pax, at bottom of first parking deck ramp draw a card and perform exercise, run up ramp, draw card, perform exercise, repeat.
Quickly modified to draw another card if pax had just done the same exercise.
Toward the end, draw cards till you find an exercise you hadn’t done yet 😉
The Deck:
– 100 Arm Circles
– 10 KGB
– 10 Plank Jack
– 10 Incline Merkin
– 10 Monkey Humper
– Bear Crawl to next station (~100m)
– 7 Monkey Humper
– Lunge Walk to next station
– 5 Hand Release Merkin
– 10 Shoulder Tap
– 9 Low Slow Squats
– Karaoke to next station (switch sides halfway)
– Quadraphilla to next station
– 10 Mtn. Climber
– 10 Butt Kick
– 10 Freddie Merc
MARY: COT at bottom of parking deck
ANNOUNCEMENTS: #f3kannon closed Saturday, most will be at Mt. Afton
COT: keep @gunny’s parents, @heisenberg_kannon’s niece and @backdraft in prayer.