Robbed at the Bus Stop

AO: F3Dawghouse
Q: Honey Do
PAX: Loveboat, majorpain, Sir Topham Hatt, Drew Carter, Dawghouse MASH, Spaz, Buck, yellowcake, turbine, Honey Do
FNGs: None
10 on this warm January morning descended on Carolando for the reverse bird. 1 received bad directions (or misinterpreted them, jury is still out) and lost his lunch money to the school kids at the bus stop, while finding the alternate exit of the neighborhood. 9 others made it back unscathed. 5 runners 4 ruckers and the lone biker.

Prayers for Cardinal and the Phelps family. I don’t know the details, but with the recent events in the sports world and now this hitting closer to home, I urge you guys to get trained in CPR. I don’t know if it was done or not, how effective it would have been, or anything, but it’s something we all should know in case we ever have a need here or at any AO we visit. For now, just lift up his family, our brothers in Knoxville, and the church he led.