Loose hips and sore butt cheek

AO: F3Highlands
Q: Poutine
PAX: Sparky, schoolbus, Snowsuit, Brinkley
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Mummy, Skiers, prisoner squats, Penny Picker, Peter Parker and Smurf Jack.
Side Shuffle on parking lot bus lines with air presses.
Plank walk school bus lines with merkin ladder 1-5 at each transition. Then do the same but from 5-1.
Partner 1 runs to pull up bars for 10 reps while orner 2 does incline Merkins on bench. Then rotate for 3 rounds of 10, 8 6 reps. Next combo was pull up bar knee raises and dips and final combo was pull up bar toe touch and step up. On walk back to Marry we did 2 rounds of power roll + half burpee and 1 round of power plank.
MARY: Crab dancer, Alt. Toe touches, and stretches. @snowsuit and @sparky have very loose hips! The rest of us more like trying to bend a 2×4.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mount Afton Challenge this Saturday. This is a great cause so please consider supporting with your attendance and/donation.
COT:. Prayers for those who couldn’t be with us for various reasons. Great work this morning men!