Spicy as Mayonnaise

Spicy As Mayonnaise

January 5, 2023

Q – Mayweather


Pax -Indy, Deertick, Spud, Hops, Tombstone, Finish line, Total Package, Java, Marlboro, Sand Trap, Private Ryan, Buzzkill, Hipbone, FNG Duane


15 middle aged men opted not to drive 45 minutes away at 5:30 in the morning to play soccer today. Here was their reward…

Mosey the long way to the lower lot to…


SSH x25ic

IST x10ic

Loose Change x10ic

Arm Circles forward and back

Additional stretching

Mosey up to the Rock Garden to pick your own poison for…


Regular vanilla ASEC circuit for the FNG, modified to skip the muddy run to the pull-up bars.

Upper Lot – Curls/Skull Crushers/ Shoulder Press x10 each

Marea – WW2 x10

Lower Lot – Squats x10

Entrance – Push-ups x10

Run back to the Upper Lot and repeat the circuit until time is called at 0600. No math required, 10 reps every time on every exercise, not in cadence. Couldn’t risk Tombstone embarrassing himself in front of the FNG. He did anyway.

Circle up to rock out with your blocks out for 13 minutes

Low Flutters x10ic

Block Press x10

Overhead Extensions x10

Toe Touches x10

Run down to entrance and back

Repeat the circuit 3 times before…


Stretch a little just to remind Tombstone who the Q is

Prayers for Trick as he heads back to Brazil to hand out Brian Floyd for School Board shirts and Michigan Football National Championship hats to the indigenous personnel.


Despite Machu’s attempt to dump trailer my PAX to destroy an innocent field with a game of muddy soccer in the pitch ass dark of the morning, a strong showing of 15 hearty men posted today to help me welcome my FNG to his first beatdown. Wherever that game was played, I bet Groundskeeper Willy got to work this morning and wondered what in the hell happened to his beautiful, once well maintained field. Maybe it was the 48° weather. Maybe it was the promise of an easy FNG friendly workout. Maybe good men just stood up to let King George of Europe know that soccer will never win our hearts and minds. Whatever the reason, we had a strong showing for a Thursday morning and I’ll take it.

Big plans tomorrow for the Jan 6 anniversary to storm the county office and take back the 2022 School Board election that was fraudulently STOLEN….which of you patriots are coming with me??

Thankful for every time I start my day with you guys, this group is a real blessing in my life. Looking forward to another great year with y’all.