That Escalated Quickly!

AO: F3Comanche
Q: buckwheat
PAX: hammer, pongo, buckwheat
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Toy Solider, Lunge Walk, Mosey followed by BROGA, IST’s SSH’s, Arm Circles, LSS’s, and Merks.

Prostate check stories were told. #ShowToKnow
THE THANG: 7 Days of XMAS, Escalator style initially. However, YHC escalated it a little too much days 1-3, so we did days 4-7 by themselves. YHC couldn’t count properly today, so the Pax got me straight. Thanks for joining me Pongo and Hammer. Needed a beatdown this morning.
MARY: We did plenty during the seven days.