3MB is alive and Kicking!

YHC arrived in time to get a quick 15 minute Ruck in, noticed a few cars he recognized, and a note from Deadhead that he was on a training run and would join for Mary. 0530 hit, YHC kicked it in high gear and off he went.

Pax: Othello, Deadhead

Q: Hacksaw


SSH x 12
IST x 12
4 ct Merkins x 12
Mountain Climbers x 12
Circles x 12

The Thang
Round 1
Clean/Press x 5(L/R)
Front Raises x 10
Curls x 15
Swings x 20
Mosey-5 Yurpees

YHC joined by Othello after his pre-run
Round 2
Clean/Press x 5
Deadlifts x 10
Bentover Rows x 15
High Pulls x 20
Mosey-10 Superman Pulses

Round 3
Clean/Press x 5
Lunge x 10
Goble Squat x 15
Stepups x 20
Mosey-15 HRM

LBC x 12
RBC x 12
Box Cutter x 12

Name and COT

Nice of Othello to do back to back small beatdowns, was nice of Deadhead to make it to Mary to form the #3MB again(google if you don’t know, Battery and I know)!. Nice chat about Inheritance rules into 2023, taxes, horseradish, fish sauce, ketchup(on steak, eggs, etc), don’t hate! Nice to chat it up and catch up on different subjects.
Lots going on next few months. Sunday will have Christmas Ruck at Flying Saucer at 1230, Deadhead heading to Disney/Miami after new years for half and Dopey. Gremlin soon, Mt. Afton Challenge(hurry to sign up for tshirt). Sorry Deadhead, forgot to hang back after we closed out to do the Day 5 of the 12 days of christmas challenge, completed when I got home.

Always proud to lead, prayers to all who need, reach out to someone you have not talked to in a while, you don’t know unless you talk and ask!