OG’s, Ride or Die’s, & Good Times

AO: F3Comanche
Q: buckwheat
PAX: Avalanche, pongo, SugarF3, forgottenjelly, sully, buckwheat, yellowcake
FNGs: None
YHC rolled in hot at 5:29:05 to a nice surprise, OG (Sugar) and his trademark shiny legs, paid us a visit as he didn’t want to play dress up with the Stoners. The Shovel Flag was planted and we got to work after a somewhat professional disclaimer…..

Toy Soliders and Lunge Walk to the front of the school. I added a little wrinkle from the norm and we mosey’d the teacher lot instead of just starting warm-o-rama. We stopped midway through the loop for 10 Low Slow Merks on the curb followed by 20 calf raises. We continued our mosey to the front of the school for warm-o-rama:

Low Slow Squats, Windmills, Penny Pickers, Michael Phelps, Arm Circles (Insert Major Payne discussion here). Basically, he’s a legend and a STUD. Finished up with some SSH’s, IST’s, & MC’s.

THE THANG: Grab your ride or die w/ one threesome. We learned that Forgotten Jelly has no clue what a ride or die is. Poor kid is sheltered and needs to get with the times. However, he did decide to leave his Ride or Die and join the threesome. We played a little See You When I See You, running the teacher lot loop in opposite directions and stopping for exercises wherever you meet your partner. Partner Decline Merks (2 rounds), Jump Squats (2 rounds), and Partner Throw Downs (2 rounds). The rabbits did some planking while waiting for the clydesdale and Jelly threesome to finish each round of exercises. Once we finished, we went over to the picnic tables for some partner leg presses w/ one partner laying or planking on top of the table. Yellowcake enjoyed the weirdest plank he’s ever done and don’t let him tell you otherwise. 20 Incline Merks and 20 dips for good measure and then we went over to the dryer picnic table area for 10 step ups each leg and 20 cheek clappers. Sugar likes clapping cheeks as he offered to explain what it was to the elementary school students.

Zig Zag mosey around the pillars to the middle of the school, stopping for 20 donkey kicks. Mosey the rest of the way to the end of the school for 10 Mike Tysons. Pongo gave us a 10 count here at my request as my fat a$s was suckin wind. I didn’t help that with what we did next. 10 Burpees, followed by 20 WWII’s, followed by 30 Reverse Crunches. Speaking of wind, a massive burst of same expelled from Sully’s hind parts. It kinda sounded like cheeks clappin. Sully’s diet is HEALTHY as it was not wet.

We then mosey’d over to the MARY lot for a few sprints which were supposed to be about 75% to avoid injury, but that didn’t happen for a few over achievers. Hope no one blew a hammy! Clydesdales got a little head start while the rabbits watched the sheer speed (AND GIRTH) of two fine specimens get moving.

MARY: We crushed out some LBC’s, pretzel crunches, squirms, Rosalita’s, & Low Dolly’s and the festivities were done.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Yellowcake has the Q this Saturday at Afton for an Ugly Sweater beatdown. Best dressed gets a prize!
COT: Prayers for my coworker, Matt, his wife, Rachel, and Rachel’s friend who lost her father to suicide this past weekend. Please encourage people to seek help, take meds, or whatever they need to address their struggles.