Fifth in the Ballot Box, First in Our Hearts

Date: 12-13-22

Pax: Fire Chicken, Mayweather, Catfish, Tombstone, Homeland, Hops, Voltaire, Neverland, Luthor, Look Me Up, Psycho T, Brickyard, Spud

12 men joined a downtrodden Q as they all accepted the will of the people.  The cold is on its way bitches.


  • Mosey to Dragstrip parking lots by the long way, down LePhilip Court.
  • SSH x 20
  • IST x 15
  • Loose change x 10
  • Rotational Arm Moves

Mosey to the “start” of the dragstrip for:


Stations at each lightpost, road side.  Not sure how people got confused by the lightposts because we literally do this like every other week.  Exercises at each lightpost are:

  1. LBC x 25 (SC)
  2. Dry Dock x 20
  3. Squat x 15
  4. WWII x 10

Then run back.  Around halfway back, arrive at a 5th station, denoted by a sign for our favorite fifth place finisher, Mayweather at his successfully failed attempt at school board for 5 burpees.  He was really proud.  More on this later.  Repeato for 4-5 trips.

All gather around Brian Floyd School Board sign as follow Mayweather as he trashes said sign in a true acknowledgment of defeat.  At this point, Voltaire was wondering what the hell he showed up for and what kind of weirdos do this at 5:30 AM.

Mosey back to the AO and up to the rockpile and grab a plate for another descending thing:

  • Curls x 50
  • Overhead Press x 40
  • Skull Crush x 30
  • Bent Rows x 20
  • Squats x 10

Then return plates and do some stupid time killing run back to


  • Boxcutter x 20
  • Low Flutter x 20
  • Some of the best broga you’ve ever seen.


Prayers for Cat’s staffer who just lost his wife during labor.  Prayers for Maverick as he goes in for a procedure.  Prayers and announcement to support our XMas family.


Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened.

5th place is the first winner.

Some got 4 full rotations, others 5.  YHC around 2.5 miles.  Watching Mayweather play chicken with a dump truck with Cat’s retching in place of Chariots of Fire will never get old.  It was a nice good beatdown that worked a lot of stuff and still got much reps.  I enjoyed it very much, and hope you all did too. Good to have Voltaire out and hope he shows again.

I wasn’t at coffee long, but enjoyed getting to see the demonstration as to why Catfish could not lock his keys in his car.  Sadly my coffeetime has been cut short, but I always try to make a few minutes to try and hang because F3 is my therapy.  Some people need to talk on a couch, others need to get shocked, but F3 is what keeps me in physical shape, but more importantly in mental and emotional shape.

Mayweather just spent 6 months busting his ass for the chance to serve our county, and got nothing but a bullshit reputation as a pornography peddler.  Unfortunately, the citizens of our county weren’t ready to elect a man of accountability. It’s sad and needs to stop, but as long as we continue to vote for the offenders, we will be no better off.  I know he moved past it weeks ago, but it was in my trunk, so I decided this would be the beatdown.


“America. Jesus. Freedom.” -Cam Brady