Sixty-one of Everything!

Sixty-one of Everything!
Ten exercises times sixty-one reps!

Q : Total Package
Pax : Spud, Homeland, Mayweather, Hops, Tombstone, Neverland

Jog around ASEC parking lot doing high knees, butt kickers, karaoke, goose steps
Circle up – lower parking lot
SSH x 10
Motivators (New exercise imported from Pinehurst AO)
IST’s x 15
Hamstring stretch
Arm circles
Lower Parking Lot
The Thang:
Partner up
Ten exercises times sixty-one reps per exercise (with partner)
One partner runs to end of parking lot and back. Return to buddy doing exercises. Switch
10 exercises times 61 reps per exercise
Windmill merkins x 61
LBC x 61
Jumping Lunge x 61
Freddie Merck x 61
Low Flutters x 61
V-ups x 61
KGB x 61
Mtn Climbers x 61
Carolina Drydocks x 61
Starjumps x 61
Mosey to pull-up bars
Partner 1 – 10 pullups (2 sets)
Partner 2 – Bear crawl up small hill , crab walk down (2 sets)
Mosey to picnic shelter

Side lunge x 20 (10 per leg)
People’s chair (1 minute)
Peter Parkers (10)

Mosey to Mary
Homer to Marge
Marge to Maggie
Back Bridges
Cobra into childs pose into shoulder stretch
Downdog stretch
Deep breaths
1. Seven not so dignified but nonetheless honorable Pax gathered at ASEC on a warm 55
degree morning for a 61st birthday workout concocted by the old man in a rare weekday Q.
Sixty-one of everything was the theme which Q basically regurgitated the same workout
from last year with a few minor changes. After finishing 61 reps of ten different exercises in the lower parking lot, we moved to the pull-up bars for a short pull-up/bear crawl/crab walk combo, then on the picnic shelter for side lunges, people’s chair, and Peter Parkers.
2. Q’s visit to the Pinehurst F3 workout over Thanksgiving weekend produced an idea for a
new exercise called the “Motivator”, which is basically a deconstructed side strattle hop.
Very simple and hopefully we’ll do it again sometime. A whole lot better than doing
“murder bunnies”, which were omitted on purpose this year due to the inordinate amount
of crying, bitching, and general showing of one’s vaginas!
3. Thanks to all for letting me put you through this. That’s what I like about my nine years doing F3, listen to the Q and don’t talk back…….too much! Where else would that happen?
4. Many thanks to all my F3 brothers for helping me reach another milestone 61st birthday. Every day is a gift and I’m especially thankful for the time we spend working out together. As we mentioned at coffee talk this morning, what we do at F3 is important to maintain our physical health as well as mental health. Steel sharpens steel. Let’s keep doing what we do.
5. Thanks for allowing me to lead today. Always a pleasure.
Moleskin faithfully submitted by Total Package 12/08/22